Those who have been to MNSSHP

Have you noticed that the 7 Dwarfs are coming out earlier than their scheduled 7pm appearance?

Great question - and are they in the same location as they were last year? I need to know where to line up :slight_smile:

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Kenny the Pirate has all the info you could want about characters. Here’s the page about MNSSHP:

His Character Locator app has the specific answer you want, but that’s for paid subscribers, and I was warned in no uncertain terms about posting info from there elsewhere. (I will say that the subscription is worth the $5 or whatever you pay for a year, if you want detailed info about characters. You can see when and where you can find a character, updated weekly.)

I saw a trip report from someone on chat that talked about what times Sally and Jack and 7 dwarfs came out. I will look on chat to see if I can find it.

From chat “we got in line for Jack & Sally at 4:05, and they came out at 5:05. Got in line for 7 dwarfs next, around 5:30, and they came out at 6:15.”
8:51pm on 9/18/16 by @loveswalle