Those that have ridden FOP. ...memory maker

We are lucky enough to have memory maker included with our tickets. In the carnage of rope drop to FOP …making sure you get there super early and getting on the ride. …do we have the opportunity to go back and have our photos taken? I have no idea where they are placed or the best spots for photos. …first time to Disney world so have no idea how memory maker works and the queues and waits involved?
Any advice will be useful thank you as we will be dashing to expedition everest afterwards. …CL 9 BTW

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I believe MDE has find photopass location in it. We got a great picture with Mt Everest in the background and they added a snow globe effect. It giggles and snows. There seem to be photographers scattered throughout the parks. Once you see one you will be able to find them. Also some have long lines.

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There are several photopass photographers as you are entering the park and headed towards the tree of life. There are also some out front of the park when the big holiday tree is up. There is another one on the bridge into Africa, another in Dinoland, and at least two in Pandora. I agree with @gabmom, check your MyDisneyExperience app when you are in the parks to see their locations for the day.

I am guessing best to wait till after the ride and doubling back rather than wasting time queuing for a photo and watching hundreds of people pass you lol?

Absolutely! Circle back for photos…grab your spot in line for FOP as soon as you can. It is a wonderful, wonderful ride. Everyone from my 6 year old to my 60 year old parents LOVED it!!!

Thanks so much gnatjo just what I wanted to hear. Didn’t know if it were possible or not after the ride to go back and have photos taken without joining the queue. Great news

You would still have to wait in any photo line - not just jump in front of anyone waiting for photos. (Sorry if I misunderstood, but that is how I read your response.)

Whoops I meant without rejoining the queue for FOP …I’m British we love a queue lol

Gotcha. But yeah - unless you were riding FOP again, you would only have to wait in any photo line. If you wanted to ride FOP a second time you would have to get in line for that. But one has nothing to do with the other in terms of getting it done. They each have their own lines.

Photo lines aren’t long at all and often you don’t have to queue

Worry about them between rides when you have no time pressure

I agree with what everyone has written about photo lines. They are typically not too long (the longest I’ve seen is maybe 5-6 parties in line) and they ebb and flow. I keep my eye out for photopass folks because they aren’t always engaged with another party and could be standing off to the side waiting for the next family to approach them. I love that they are not in your face asking if you want a picture all the time, but that can also mean that you walk by them if they are standing off to the side.