Those that have booked ADR's recently

Yeah. That happened to me. Just keeping trying times around when you want, and some will show up. Just don’t trust the availability when you first load it.


I booked mine about 12 days ago. I was worried too the day before because it seemed like nothing was available. But I signed in at 6 AM on Day 60, and I got pretty much what I was looking for except for one (I had to take an earlier time). Not sure if they opened up more reservations at Day 60 or if I just got lucky! I would start with the ones you think are hardest to get (as far out in the week as your plans allow) and work from there. I would advise starting with the restaurant, then go to the calendar on that page for your day, then choose specific times. The “lunch” and “dinner” choice did not work well for me. I have heard other liners say not to put your dates and times in beforehand to get a list of available restaurants, but to go directly to the restaurant page that you want and work from there. Good luck!


My ADR day was 6 days ago. I started with the more difficult to get and at 60+10 and worked backwards.
When I clicked on a date and time and it said no times available, I clicked on search, again, and then I got times. I have no ADRs on day 60. I found it easy to get a table for 7 at some restaurants, at least when I first started. I could not get a table for 7 at Trattoria, Yak and Yeti, Grand Floridian Cafe, Kona Cafe, or The Plaza. I called Disney Dining right at 7 a.m. and the CM booked 2 tables for me.
The morning of my 60 day window, Disney IT did not recognize my ADR window if I tried searching by restaurant, so I stuck to putting in the date and time.
I also tried clicking on the specific restaurant when it said there was no availability and found times that way.
At 6 a.m. I was able to get times every morning that I wanted Ale and Compass for breakfast for 7.
Chef Mickey’s was my most challenging. Three times I had clicked on a time, clicked Next, and the time was gone. Except for having to call for the places that do not appear to have tables for 7, I got everything I was after as long as I could be a little flexible.
We have CRT, BOG, Whispering Canyon, Chef Mickey’s, Biergarten, Beaches and Cream, Via Napoli, Hollywood and Vine all booked when the window opened. There was very little available on what would be my day 60, 60+1, or 60+2. I did just find a Topolino’s for breakfast 2 days ago because I only needed a table for 5. We had just booked flights, so I knew that we had time. So, check for cancellations. Use Reservation Finder.
It was challenging, mostly because of Disney IT, but there really didn’t seem to be a whole lot of availability for 7.

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I also had the most success clicking into the restaurant and searching for availability that way. Also, I found a generic “Dinner” search produced no availability at times when searching for a specific time would.


Thank you all so much. Seems like a lot of trial and error but also some very solid tips about not getting discouraged, keep checking, call if needed, and use reservation finder.

Original plan was:

5/21 - Homecomin (60) - dinner 6-8, 4 people
5/22 - The Wave (60+1) - dinner 6-8, 4 people
5/23 - Ale & Compass (60+2) - dinner 6-8, 4 people
5/24 - Topolinos (60+3) - breakfast 8-9, 4 people
5/25 - Sci Fi (60+4) - 6-7 pm
5/26 - no adr planned
5/27 - no adr planned

Contingency plan:
5/21 - just eat at Primo Piatto or Bar Riva at Riviera (where we are staying)
5/22 - don’t think i’ll have issues w/ The Wave, but may consider GF Cafe as we’ll be leaving MK around park closing at 6pm
5/23 - don’t think I’ll have issues w/ Ale & Compass
5/24 - not sure what the backup plan here is as a Topoloino’s breakfast works well w/ our EP day as park isn’t supposed to open till 11am
5/25 - we’ll be transferring hotels from Riviera to GF, so GF Cafe or The Wave would work here as well, also could just see what’s avail in HS day of since that’s the park we’ll be in
5/26 - I may decide to push Homecomin to 5/26 since that is our Animal Kingdom day and park is supposed to close at 5pm.
5/27 - ???

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Topolinos was the one I had trouble with. Still haven’t been able to get the time I want. I have it in Res finder. But I was looking for dinner, not breakfast, on the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

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When I tried about 3 weeks ago the app recognized that I could make reservations past 60, but the computer did not. However the computer would allow me to modify but the app would not. I had prepped to use both and I was glad that I had. I have 5 in our group and most I was able to make with 5 but a couple only showed availability when I changed it to 6 people. For the past week both the computer and app are allowing me to modify reservations. I was able to get every reservation I wanted for Spring break over Easter April 2-10 at the time I wanted.

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I have found Chrome works better than the Disney app and Safari for some weird reason.

Edit: and yes within chrome I go directly to restaurant site and search from there

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In Chrome just chilling. Also, I initially hopped on at 5:15 or so and all days appeared available from calendar view on website but only first part of split stay dates on app. Now, it wouldn’t let me book anything, but appeared available. Once 5:30 hit, it’s like the system corrected itself.

Ok -

Update (7:22 AM) -

Holy technology he!!. Website (via chrome and safari, started with chrome) and app had EVERY issue imaginable until about 6:08 AM. Website would find a time and then have an error when I clicked, happened 5-10 times, then I got an error message when trying to search times, got a few characters showing up saying “blah blah blah - you are a failure” (what i was interpreting they were saying). Then, I switched over to app which appeared much faster but every time I clicked on a time it would have “error loading page” message. Happened 5-10 times.

The other issue I had was, it wasn’t letting me book the second half of my stay. Split stay b/w Riviera and GF (5/21-5/25, 5/25-5/28). I was able to book 5/25 but not 5/26, 5/27, or 5/28 (although I wouldn’t be booking 5/28).

I got my first confirmed reservation at 6:08 AM and it was my #3 on my list (tried for Oga’s Canteen on both HS days). Got a good time on HS Day 2, but 10:15 AM on HS Day 1. I was hoping for closer to lunch, but on HS Day 1, we’ll have my brother in law with us (will have DAS pass), so I won’t be as concerned about eating into that valuable morning ride time.

I wasn’t able to get Homecomin on Friday 5/21 for dinner, but I did get Morimoto’s Asia at 5:30PM. We may keep or just hang at hotel. I am currently waiting on hold to see if I can book Thursday 5/27 for Homecomin (AK day, park closes at 5PM).

I tried to stay calm during all the technology issues, b/c they did continue past 6:08 AM. I felt like I hit a good stretch b/w 6:08 AM and 6:20 AM, when my son came downstairs, I got distracted and it seemed website noticed and started acting up again.

The biggest disappointment was Topolino’s Terrace for breakfast on Monday 5/24. It is our Epcot day, so I was hoping for anytime b/w 8:00 - 10:00 AM. Part of those early issues were w/ TT. I saw 9:05, clicked and error, 9:10, clicked and error, and then saw 9:20, clicked and error. I ended up booking 10:30 AM. This was at around 6:10 AM. However, at around 7AM, I called Disney to just try and beg for something w/ TT and to ask about the split stay being an issue. While on hold, for only 25 minutes, I tried to modify TT and got 9:15 AM which is great.

I’ll update you later on what Disney CM was able to do about split stay. Also, this may be rambling as CM picked up here at the end.

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Interested to hear what the CM said about split stay. I have a split stay and had to do 2 separate days of dining reservations.


CM said there was no way for him to book ADR’s for me for the second part of our stay. Told me that b/c they are two different reservations, I would have to book starting 60 days out from second reservation (Saturday 5/27).

I told him that I was 99.99% positive that this was not actually correct, but he told me (in a very nice way) that he physically could not book an ADR for me for any of the dates of the second par of my trip. I really only had 1 ADR to book which I’m not concerned about, but I was hoping to book my Homecomin back up plan on one of those days.

This was the case when I was booking our split stay in December. It didn’t matter so much for us, though, because we were only staying one night (first night) at BLT, and the rest of the stay was BWV. But I couldn’t book for (entire) length of stay starting from the BLT reservation. I had to wait until the next day.

Isn’t Homecomin one that you can also do on something like OpenTable, or calling directly?

I thought that was the case for split stay ADRs. Back BC (before COVID), ADRs were separate booking days but you could do FPP for whole trip…

I just went to their website and checked and it pushes you to call Disney or go to Disney online. I checked open table, albeit for 2 minutes, and couldn’t find it.

I did just get it moved from 3:25 PM on arrival day to 4:30 PM. That’s pushing it, but if I can somehow get it bumped back to 5PM, I’ll feel good about it.

Safari worked better for me today. I’m so sorry about all your issues. That really stinks.

Thank you Jenny. I need to make a final post because, as things usually do, everything pretty much worked out. Just wish the technology side wouldn’t make it so stressful. At 6:10 - It was an F experience. At like 6:30 - it was a B. At 7 (when I got a better TT breakfast time) - it was an A. If I can get Homecomin on Friday 5/21 pushed back 30-60 minutes, it will be an A+. Thanks everyone!


I was looking again today. I have had to refresh my browser repeatedly to see any times. Individual restaurants will not show me times. Then I looked towards day 60 and got this:

Only 6 restaurants (same in the app)?

I just looked on my laptop, using Firefox, for your same date, time, qty 2 and got 35 places. Hopefully it was just an infamous Disney IT glitch. Your post was ~3 hrs ago.

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Thanks! Now I get a list!

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