Thoroughly confused by Memory Maker entitlement in MDE app

I was panicking when I woke up. I couldn’t remember if I had purchased MM. I looked in my app and couldn’t find that I had gotten MM. I got on my computer and saw my MM under the “Tickets & Memory Maker” tab. Do I need to link MM in my app?

I just spent 10 minutes with Disney Photopass staff and she didn’t really manage to reassure me. So I thought I would ask you all, since you can explain things at my level.

If I see the MM entitlement on my account through the MDE website, do I need to link the MM in the app? Do I make sense?!?:weary:

If you have MM on your MDE, then you’re good. The app doesn’t always reflect what the website shows. It can be frustrating and worrisome at times, but be rest assured you have the MM on your account.

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