"This website is under heavy load (queue)"

What’s up with the TP main site?

I’m getting it too. I tend to get it whenever the parks are busy.

I’m under a heavy load too… can I take the day off??


It used to happen a few years ago but it stopped. It has been doing this for the last week or so. The other day there was a tweet about it but I didn’t see one today.

@len said something about this on chat a few days ago. I think they’re looking into it.

I take chat for granted. Not enjoying not getting in when I want to!! :rofl:

Last Thursday


Yeah, working on it now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Is anyone still getting this error?

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No, it seems like it is much better.


OK, thanks.

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I agree!

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Seems ok now

Down again…is it a time of day?

I felt it running slower a little while ago (one of those buffering-type things when it could just as easily be my own internet issues), but still accessible.