This Summer (Sadly no Disney) Virginia Help

Booked our summer getaway and saving a return and money to Disney for a blowout next summer. Here is our road trip plan from connecticut. My girls are adrenaline junkies and love huge coasters.

A day at Kings Dominion
3 Days in Williamsburg (kingsmill Resort)
Busch Gardens
Colonial Williamsburg
A day at 6 Flags Great Adventure

Anyone have any input, especially while we are in Williamsburg? Should we do a day or night at Colonial Williamsburg?

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Any thought about making in it a “colonial triangle” trifecta and taking a run over to Yorktown?

I see you’re hitting SFGAdv on the way home… any thought about hitting SFA (Outskirts of DC) on the way down? You could hit all of the coasters (probably) in a half-ish day, and given that the cost of a 6 flags season pass for all parks is not much higher than a single day (especially if you process at a smaller park like SFA), it may be worth your time to catch a few more coasters there along the way.

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Yorktown is a great idea. I will look into it. We season pass SF every year with SFNE close by us here in Connecticut. My girls are 11 and 14. Do you think Colonial WB is something better saved for a night? I really do not know much about it. I figure 2 trips to BG should be enough during the time there.

I generally prefer to walk around while it’s light out, but in summer that can be done in the evening as much as during the day. I guess it comes down to whether you want to head into some of the buildings and have the staff tell you about the activities there, or just wander through the colonial settlement. The former requires you to watch for ‘open hours’, the latter can be done at any time.

We did 2 days at Colonial Williamsburg, 1 at Yorktown/Jamestown, and 2 at Busch Gardens/water park and it was a fave family trip. There is lots to see and do at the actual historic buildings and demonstrations and drum lines, etc. There is also a scavenger hunt type game (sign up in Visitors Center I think) that was a lot of fun and directed us around the area to really see everything. I also really recommend an evening ghost tour. Eating at one of the taverns is also fun if the menu is appealing to your family as its set in the historic buildings. Jamestown and Yorktown are both nice and a short drive apart along the scenic Colonial Parkway–you could do those two in a long afternoon. Did you find combo tickets for CW, York, James, and Busch? They have packages that come out for 7 days unlimited admission to all I think (or they did two summers ago when we went).

Thanks for the help. I will look out for the combo tix. We are excited, everyone who has done this trip has loved it.

Definitely day at Colonial Williamsburg; I don’t believe that the building tours operate after dark, and that’s half the experience. You can stroll the grounds (for free) at any time, so a night walk-through is very possible (although I’m not sure what the lighting situation might be).

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I should add that Colonial Williamsburg is at least a full day experience; Jamestown anf Yorktown can be done in one day. Busch Gardens can be done in one LONG day. Here’s a link to a BGW blog I did a few years ago. They’ve added another coaster since I wrote this, but I believe that most of it is still accurate.

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I second this as I grew up in Yorktown.

You could even spend two days at BGW if you wanted to. The first time I was there I didn’t get to everything I wanted in a single day. Especially if you want to spend time looking around at the SPECTACULAR theming.

This is amazing. Really excited. Looks like a disney feel with coasters. (minus being actually at dinsey :slight_smile:) Thank you

This was really helpful. I think I have it lined-up

Monday - Kings Dominion
Monday Night - Relax at Kingsmill resort

Tuesday Morning - Jamestown/Yorktown
Tuesday afternoon and night - BGW

Wednesday - Colonial Williamsburg
Wednesday Night - Dinner somewhere (any recommendations?)

Thursday - BGW
Thursday Night, Drive to NJ

Friday - Six Flags Great Adventure (Kingda Ka time !!! :slight_smile: )
Friday night - Home

Try Chowning’s Tavern in CW for dinner. We really enjoyed it.

Ditto. My favorite place to eat in CW.

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Great… On it !

it is an interactive wilderness type zoo. Low key but lots to do for smaller kids. Adults loved it last time we stopped there too

@bswan26 is correct. You can stroll through but almost everything is closed in the evening (even during daylight hours). We made that mistake back in 2014… tried to wait until it “cooled off” and by the time we got there (5 or 6 pm), everything was closed.

I really enjoyed Busch Gardens last time I was there. The only “ride” I rode all day was the Log Flume. I was occupied all day with the shows which were great!!

Great, thank you. We are really looking forward to it. Is Kings Dominion worth it? We love coasters and my daughter is looking forward to intimidator 305. BGW looks like a ton of fun.

I would say that King’s Dominion is definitely worth a day’s visit. Intimidator is an awesome coaster, and there are several others of note there too. They just opened a new coaster - Twisted Timber - a wood/steel hybrid coaster that is one of the top stories in the coaster forum/blog universe.

Don’t expect the level of theming or detail of WDW or BG; it’s closer to a Six Flags - bt the rides are worth the trip.

Now that I’m back from my WDW trip, I can chime back in. If you’re coaster people (and it looks like you are!), then KD is definitely worth your time. From utterly one-of-a-kind rides like Volcano, the Blast Coaster, (I recommend waiting for the front row on that, and I’m a back row kind of girl), to the pure speed of I305, to the brand new complete re-do of a wooden coaster into a hybrid (Twisted Timbers), it’s got a fantastic collection.