"This plan may not get to all your attractions"

I looked at all my Touring Plans today and they all had the warning: “This plan may not get to all your attractions”

I assume it’s because of the recent adjustment to CL’s but most of my days didn’t change CL and I can’t figure out what the CL is not able to fit.

Here’s an example:
but I get the warning on every single one of my TP’s. Anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

Edit: I cross checked it against my printed version before the CL changes and the timing is exactly the same the whole way through. Is this a bug?

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I don’t know. Beside what you mentioned, my plans also suddenly say I might not get to all my shows, breaks and meals on time. I increased the free time before those to see if I could get the warning to go away and could not.

I thought I’d wait a few more days to see what happens with CL, wait times, etc. It probably takes time to get all of the variables & outputs lined up properly when they are making adjustments.

These are interesting questions for @len

Look at the time you set at the top for the entirety of your park day (what time you plan to arrive to what time you plan to leave). Compare that to the time of your latest attraction at the end of your plan. If the attractions at the end of your plan are outside the time parameters you set in the header OR extend beyond park operating hours, you’ll see that message.

Wondering if this is actually a fix. A few weeks ago when I was working with my MK plan, it was giving me attraction times after the attraction had already closed (ex character meets long after the character meet was scheduled to be open). It was not giving me the warning.

The plan has exactly the same timing it did a week ago before the CL update and it didn’t have any warnings then.

Mine all say the same thing too.I have plans for our MK days that are set to get through everything I put in by 12:30pm with our ending time set at 2pm and it still says we won’t make it to everything. It has to be a glitch somewhere.

Sometimes if you don’t arrive 15 minutes before a scheduled show TP will put this warning. The one thing I do see on this plan is that they have you arriving 18 minutes late to FaireFax, that might be causing the warning for this TP!

The flexibility for that is 60 minutes, so I don’t think that’s it.

I think it’s to do with Fantasmic.

That is a show, so the TP may be pointing out you are arriving after the time of the FP. I think it wants you there before the FP time for a show, and technically you arrive at 7:31pm for a 7:30 FP.

In that case, you know it’ll be OK so you can ignore it.

To test this you could try removing the show right before it and see if you get the same message. Then put it back in and relax knowing you’ll still be OK.


I’ve got this problem on ALL my plans, too. It seems to have shown up after the November updates. Right now, I’m just ignoring it - hoping it’s a glitch. I don’t see anything that could be causing it.
Not helpful, just another data point.

Same problem (most of my plans, not all). I made no changes and the message is there now.