"This plan does not use the Fastpass+ reservation " - WHY

Trying to add Fastpass to existing touringplan, getting message "This plan does not use the Fastpass+ reservation " - WHY? Why can I not add the fast passes to my plan?

Thx - very frustrated.

I just noticed I have added the three FP items, but only some are added to the plan???

is it because the plan thinks that the times are not what you shoud be doing then?

It is a little frustrating when that happens. All you can do is place the FPs where you want them and then use “Evaluate” instead of “Optimize.” Unfortunately, this means that the rest of the attractions might not necessarily be in the most time-saving order.

It would be nice if one could have an option to “lock” the TP to accept one’s FP+ reservations and then have it work the rest of the attractions around the FP+ - just like the system does with dining and breaks. Sometimes we choose a FP+ selection in spite of the recommendations from TP because we don’t want to miss a particular attraction or because the recommended FP+ isn’t available.

A couple possibilities, all of which I’ve encountered:

  • You’ll save time by not using the FPP you chose - Sometimes the extra walking time needed to fit an attraction into your FPP window means means you’ll finish your touring plan faster if you wait in a longer line for an attraction and save on walking time. Of course, sometimes I’d rather walk more and wait in line less (you can try changing the “Waiting vs. Walking:” slider to “Minimize Waiting”)
  • Your FPP times are wrong - I’ve seen this happen in two different ways. First, I’ve mixed up AM and PM and listed my FPP at times when the park wasn’t even open, but you’ve probably already checked that. I’ve also ran into situations where my touring plan seemingly randomly changes the FPP times or attractions that I listed previously, so double-check that the times and attractions match what you selected.

I’m not sure if this helps, but it could be a good thing if it means you’re visiting the parks during a less-crowded time when maybe FPP aren’t as important? Worst case, you can always manually move things around and just “Evaluate” your plan to make sure everything you want to do fits into the time you have available.

This is my single biggest complaint about the personalized TP feature. The “reason” is that you might be able to save a couple of minutes on your over-all wait time for the day by NOT using those FPPs. There are times when I make FPPs for specific reasons (e.g. I always want to do KRR at the end of the day so I am not walking around soaked for a couple of hours).

I have found the easiest way to circumvent this is to put in a “break” at the time of the FPP, annotate what it is for, and then remove that attraction from the list. This way you can still use “optimize”, and it will work the rest of your list around these times.

I have NEVER figured out why they can’t have a “lock” feature for FPPs the way they do for ADRs and breaks…

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An add on to the above. How long a “break” do I add? For rides, typically 30 min. MOST of the time the FPP return line is in the 10-15 minute range, so this allows enough time to get to the attraction, wait, and ride. If it’s a very popular attraction, and it’s a high CL, then I might use 45 min. Worst case is you’re done early and are a bit ahead on your next step…


So I gather that the plan just doesn’t want to work as presented. It says “add FP” so why does it not add them? I like the “adding a break” method, thanks!

The problem with the break method is that the plan does not optimize the location into the plan.

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Unless you add it instead as a 30-minute meal at a location adjacent to where the ride is.

Great tip mossmacl, thanks.