This Movie Change Me Podcast: Toy Story

I posted this over on The Chat, but figured I’d put it here too for future posterityness:

One of my new favorite podcasts is This Movie Changed Me where people discuss the influence of a film on their lives and perspective. Just listened to the one on Toy Story, and it was a great discussion:

(A sorta warning: the discussion is not super Disney-focused, as the episodes tend to be more about philosophical influence. But I really like the insights they bring to the characters here.)

On another non-Disney note, one of my very much favorite, non-known, very-underrated movies is covered in another episode: Avalon. I can see my Czech grandparents in the characters in that movie, and is a beautiful and funny telling of a man arriving in the US in the early 1900s with a focus on family.

Recently watched Avalon with my DW and DD11. My daughter, teared-up and sniffling turned to me at the end and said “WHY DID YOU MAKE ME WATCH THAT? … LET’S WATCH IT AGAIN!”

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Thanks for posting. I think I listened to one of the podcasts about You’ve Got Mail (which I love). Then I forgot about the podcast - I will have to put this on my listening list.

Thanks for the recommendation; can’t wait to check it out!