This might be the weirdest question asked

But has anyone ever brought a toaster along to their room? Or is there a communal use toaster at Beach Club?

Thank you :smile:

I don’t know if there is a a communal toaster, but I’m pretty sure they would not want a toaster in a regular room as it can be a fire hazard. If you have a kitchen/kitchenette it would probably be OK.

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Yes we take toasters. We used it for toaster strudels for bbreakfast in the mornings.

I always bring a toaster to Disney. As well as a waffle iron, crock pot, blender, bundt cake pan, juicer, chopper, and KitchenAid mixer. And always an E-Z bake oven.


I got toasted…


Yes, you can bring a toaster, but it is against the rules so you might come back to your room and find that it has been confiscated.

Picturing what a toaster looks like on a baggage screening monitor!

I brought a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, a duck press, a China cap, and a complete set of bar tools for making a pousse-cafe. I win.


I remember seeing toasters in some food courts, but I can’t remember if the beach club has one

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