This may be a stupid question, but

Can ADRs and fast passes overlap? :blush:

ADRs can overlap with FPs, but ADRs cannot overlap with other ADRs & FPs cannot overlap with other FPs.


Rock on. I thought so but wanted to make sure. Thank you!

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And one more caveat–if you are booking club-level fastpasses through DSS, they will not allow your FP’s to overlap with ADR’s when you book them. I believe you can later modify your “first three free ones” on MDE to overlap, but you cannot modify your paid three w/o calling DSS, and they won’t modify to allow overlap with ADR’s.

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ADRs can overlap, we had loads of them stacked up while arranging plans. The trick is that you can’t do it through the app though, you have to use the website, and it also won’t work on a mobile device for some reason.

On a mobile browser, you get a pop up to the effect of “You have another ADR in this window. Would you like to cancel it?”, with “Yes” letting you proceed to swap it for the new one, and “No” preventing you proceeding. On a PC browser, however, you can click “No” and still continue through to book a second ADR anyway. Unsure why the difference, but there it is!

I don’t think that is the case. Just double checked to make sure I wasn’t missing something, and this is what I got:


Hmm, let me check when I get in. That seems roughly the experience I remember, possible they’ve added another check? It was certainly possible last October :thinking:

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You can still do it, just have to right click on the time and open a new window. Just did it recently.

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Works like a charm! A little late to use for my upcoming trip, but good to know!