This may be a silly question, but I'll ask it anyway

I’m a new AP holder, but my wife and 2 kids are not. For our trip next summer, I was going to book a room only package with the AP discount and then buy the wife and 2 kids tickets through Undercover Tourist and link them through MDE. I assume as long as I have the room reservation and all of the tickets linked, we can still use the 60-day FP+ window even if the tickets aren’t purchased directly through Disney? Can we add a dining plan or is that only if you buy a package through Disney?

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Not sure about the Dining Plan, but you’ll definitely get the 60 day window with outside purchased. I did that with my trip coming up in a few weeks!

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As long as your wife and kids are on the room reservation you’re fine with the 60 day window.

Dining Plan should be available without tickets…again, as long as they are on the room reservation. Just do a room package, but select NO tickets. You should still have the option to add the dining plan. (Not that I think you should. Usually costs more to use the dining plan than it does to NOT use it.)

Thanks. So the key is making sure they are on the room reservation. Given that Disney just announced this new ticketing system, I may go ahead and get the tickets through a third-party soon so I have them.

Actually, it appears I’m wrong.

I just played around with it, and they will NOT allow you to add the Dining Plan unless you also have tickets.

That’s no big deal. I was just going to use a Disney Gift Card next trip anyway.

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You can add the dining plan without tickets, you just need to call them to do so.


I think AP holders can do it online but everyone else has to phone.