This is what packing looks like

Stage 2 of the packing process is now well underway. (Stage 1 was — obviously — setting up the packing spreadsheet.)

Stage 3 will be placing these items into the suitcases and my day bag. Photos to follow.


Wow- so organized! #packinggoals


That’s not what packing looks like in my house! But there are 3 of us so a lot more stuff - well 4 of us but only 3 are ever travelling.

Well done! Part of me wishes I had you level of organization, but part of me is glad that I don’t.


I am pretty sure that if I showed you a picture of how I pack, you would faint…


Wow! You are wearing you jacket for V & A?

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Haha. No. That’s already in its suitcase.

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…and your arrival in Florida…


That’s some fine organization.


Wow. I am beyond impressed! I’m organized but I am not as neat. Maybe packing cubes are a good idea after all…

I’m clearly on the opposite end of organization. And I have questions. Does each packing cube have a type of clothing, or is it an outfit? How does one decide what size packing cubes to get?
Packing causes me HUGE amounts of anxiety, like as in crippling amounts. I’m always looking for that ultimate packing list, packing help, in order to decrease this.

This is why I’d never buy them - I feel stressed just thinking about what to do with them!

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I have a variety of different shapes and sizes. For my one-night hotel stays on property each cube contains a full day’s clothes. For the five nights in the house each cube contains five days worth of the same item. One large cube is empty and is for dirty laundry.


Yeah, I can’t decide if they would help me, or just increase my anxiety-what if everything I want to fit in that cube doesn’t fit? They might be helpful for our next trip as I’m trying to plan DisneyBounds for our family for a few days.

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There may well be something to be said for just throwing stuff in a case and digging around for it when you need to.

I like the idea that I know where everything is and that I’ve got everything and it’s all easily accessible. No huge packing and unpacking every time I move to another destination on my trip.

I’m thinking it could be hugely helpful for our summer vacation. By the end of that trip I can never find anything because we’ve been living out of suitcases for a week. Usually, during a hotel trip, I at least partly unpack into the drawers, so it gets less unorganized. Might help DD stay more organized too. She often thinks she’s out of underwear or socks by the end of a trip😂

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I like the idea of them, I’m just not sure they would work for us.

I’m with you. I’ve been debating buying packing cubes for our upcoming trips but I get stressed out trying to figure out what sizes and how many we would need.

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I’ve seen people just use gallon sized ziploc bags…one for each day. If you have little ones you could maybe do quart sized. Just don’t throw them away. Designate them for travelling.

Wear your Magic Band! Don’t pack it!

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