This is very embarrasing... no park reservations, what do I do?

But if the ticket purchase portal won’t allow you to purchase tickets based on lack of availability, but then you go back after buying single-day tickets and there is availability that’s just wrong!


I still think there was one day the OP wasn’t able to get PRs for.

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Oh okay.

Agreed! Also from a $ standpoint that would be blocking legitimate ticket sales if it doesn’t updated instantly. I mean OP was ready to cancel the trip based on the info available.

Side note - this was and emotional roller coaster form beginning to end :joy::joy::joy:


So far that one day is no availability ticket and park res wise. So yea, I had to get 3 single day tickets which obviously cost a lot more but at this point I’m happy I have something.

Edit: one single and one 2-day ticket, that is

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Yes, even when I talked to them they saw nothing, but then ultimately at the reservation screen it showed up available. I don’t know if it was just timing/luck or if there is something wrong with the system.

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Are 2 day tickets any cheaper than 1 day? You could have backed up the date to buy 2 day tickets and then bought 1 day after the 20th (assuming you bought 3 days total).

Tell me about it :joy:

The background is that I’ve had to cancel two trips to the US during the pandemic and one trip to WDW. I almost ended up having to cancel this trip too until they announced the opening of travel restrictions and still after that I’ve had to change dates, flights etc. So it had already been a big mess, additionally I’ve had so much stress at work and in life in general that I was not able to pay any attention to this trip, it just existed in the background. That is, until it all clicked for me last night and I realized how I’ve failed at making the reservations. Then it sank in that I might’ve screwed this all up and I’m thinking, I’m glad I kept this as a secret from my kids so far and I don’t have to tell them we’re not going. Then, a couple of hours later I suddenly have park reservations.

The script for a dramatized TV iteration is in the works folks!


It was 2am when I was doing this and my mind is a blur, but I think I got a 2 day ticket for the 21st-22nd and a single day ticket for the 19th


You can use your original tickets for the days you purchased 1-day tickets and got the Park Reservations. (Park Reservations are tied to the user not the ticket.)

Before the 1- day tickets expire, go to Guest Services and use the value towards a future ticket. Even if you don’t have specific dates of your next visit, you can replace the new tickets again before it expires.

If you have the 1-day tickets and a multiple day ticket on your account, call the Disney Internet Help Desk, and ask then to prioritize the multi-day ticket over the 1-day ticket


And the roller coaster continues… disclaimer: 1st world problems + covid rant coming up

A year ago I had given up and cancelled my trip and after not feeling like total crap anymore, I let myself get a little hopeful that maybe next winter will be better. It seemed like that until the summer, when it got worse again, the travel restrictions were still in place, so I gave up most of my hope. Then a few months forward, travel restrictions eased up, everything started looking again a bit better. Again a little hope.

I’ve been in a haze for several weeks now because of stress, work, life, everything… A week ago I made this thread because I had just woken up to realize I would be able to travel but my plans were non existent. I got around that, and simultaneously on the same days news about the new variant start pouring in. Is the universe trying to tell me that I should stop trying?

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I would go now before the variant has a chance to get a strong foothold! Just take precautions. Mask on the plane and in the airport (required), mask indoors at WDW (required), try to keep your distance in crowds and maybe mask up in really crowded situations like the Hub at Fireworks time. I just think we’re going to be on this (Covid) ride for a while so why not take advantage of this momentary lull to get some joy!


Are you vaccinated? And if yes have you received your booster?


I know how you feel. :heartpulse: Every time I start to think I can relax something else pops up. I just keep my Kn95 on at all times in the parks unless I’m eating or there’s no one around. I try to eat outdoors as much as possible too.


vaccinated yes, booster no. We haven’t started them yet in my country apart from high risk groups. But my vaccination was just 2.5 months ago so to my understanding it should be as good as you get with 2 shots.


yea this was kind of our conclusion too after going it over with my wife


I say as long as you are vaccinated and prepared for any requirements your country may have upon your reentry, go and enjoy yourself. Wear your mask, leave a little extra room between yourself and strangers, and try to have a good time.


As of now, I have the following reserved:

Dec 19th - MK
20th - nothing yet, availability at Epcot and AK
21st - Epcot
22nd - AK

While the other parks have had availability show upmhere and there, HS hasn’t on any of thess dates. Do we have a decent chance of park hopping there at least on one of these days? I haven’t really been following the park hopper availability situtation

I’m considering going to UOR on the 20th as I haven’t been in 10+ years and my kids have never gone

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To my knowledge the only time so far that lark hopping has been blocked was only on October 1 to MK so you should be fine.


Ohh, that’s good. I somehow had the impression that it was far more uncertain whether or not you could hop.