This is the BEST!

OMG. This is the best website IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

I discovered it and subscribed during a quiet period on night shift last night and have planned almost my entire honeymoon!

That’s all I wanted to say really, that it’s amazing. Lol


Welcome aboard! When is your honeymoon and where are you staying? We love hearing details about upcoming trips and what people are planning!

Thank you! We are from Australia and doing 5 weeks in the USA. 6 nights will be spent in Port Orleans Riverside in a Royal Room. We got the Dining Plan too. We are going in the second week of August which from what I can gather is a crappy time to go, but not much we can do about it unfortunately.

We plan to hit MK, Epcot and Universal as full day parks. Animal Kingdom and one of the maybe water parks. Not sure about Hollywood Studios yet as we don’t want to overbook ourselves since it’s going to be so hot. Want to factor in some relaxation time.

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You are going to have a great time! During August we try to be in the resort pool from 2pm to 5pm / resting back in the AC. But even a sit down restaurant with good AC can recharge your batteries to keep having fun in the park.

The Touring plans wait times, attraction information and especially the Blog are all really good for information. I agree, it’s a great resource to have fun and enjoy the planning part of the trip!


Thank you for subscribing, welcome to the site, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Touringplans is a great little community. If you have questions on how to use some of the site’s tools, or questions about why something works they way it does, posting here will almost always get you an answer.




Welcome @Lauren267! Glad to have you here!

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! :wedding:

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Welcome! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You will love hanging out on Chat and the Forum! (and learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about WDW)!

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A long and happy marriage to you both mate! Anything else we can help you with before you leave?

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Congrats! Have fun and get the memory maker

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August is really hot, but not too much different than you’re used to. Bring your sun hats and sunscreen and swim suits and have fun!

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