"This is not going to go the way you think" Trip Report with so many littles September 15-22

First, I want to thank all of you on here that have shared great information, helpful tips, and answered any questions. I have enjoyed reading countless trip reports so I thought I would throw ours out there in hopes that maybe it could help someone else out that is planning a trip. The creators of this website/forum are geniuses. Well worth the however much it costs to join. Before I found this site I had a list of rides we wanted to do, etc, but that was it. Just a list in no particular order. We weren’t going to totally “wing it” as I had carefully laid out the parks on particular days and ADRs to coordinate. I didn’t know you could figure out walking times, wait times, and ride times. My mind was blown! This is just brilliant!

We just returned from our first trip to Disney World with the kiddos and it was a great trip. So let’s dig into it. The crew: Me, DH, DD4, DD4, DD4, and DD1. I’ll label them DD4A (Cinderella dress), DD4B (Elena dress), and DD4C (Anna dress). Lots of firsts this time. First trip as a family, first road trip, and first time the kiddos slept away from home. Our trip was September 15-22, 2018. The triplets turned 4 just two days before we left and the little one turned 2 two days after we got home. Yes, we are crazy to try this trip and if you are wondering what it is like with so many littles, well it is busy so very very busy.

We drove down from KY. It is a 14 hour drive for us, but we broke it into two 7ish hour days as we stopped in Atlanta to visit the girls grandparents for a couple days on each side of the trip (actually made our trip 9/13-9/24).

Originally we were going to stay at the Polynesian, but remembered we had Shades of Green as an option and once we compared prices it was a no brainer. Tickets and resort was literally half the price that the Polynesian was going to be. My husband and I stayed at Shades of Green 10 years ago and liked it so we opted for that. Side note: my wheels were already spinning with the thought of well we can now take two exact trips for the price of one. :joy:

We arrived at Shades of Green and got all checked in and settled into the room. We loaded up the SUV and headed out to Disney Springs to get a bite to eat and get the military Memory Maker. We also wanted to stop at the grocery store to get some food and snacks for the week. This plan became a failure. A Saturday evening at Disney Springs was awful. In all my planning I somehow missed the info for Disney Springs. All the parking garages were full and even the valet parking was full. I made the decision to abort and go back to the hotel. The whole time DD4C is yelling that she “wants to go to Disney World”. I keep saying “this IS Disney World.” She keeps demanding that “this isn’t Disney World, these are trees.” Touché my child, touché. No fooling this girl, but it was a bit funny. Thinking quickly I decided we could stop at the Polynesian Resort and grab some food at Captain Cook’s. The food was decent and everyone was happy; win-win. No grocery store stop as it was late after circling Disney Springs 3 times. So we headed back to rest up for our first big day.


Sunday September 16, 2018

Magic Kingdom CL1 (actual CL1)

Today we got up super early so we could be at Be Our Guest Restaurant for our 8am PPO breakfast. We walked from Shades of Green to the monorail at the Polynesian and got to Magic Kingdom about 0740. The walk is peaceful and only about 10 minutes. Both double strollers fit together perfectly on the monorail. We were let in at 0745 and made our way to the castle for a few pictures before heading to the restaurant. We strolled on the sidewalk rather fast to get near the castle where we got some great photos with practically no one else in them. Perfect way to start the morning.

We got to the restaurant, checked in, and then waited a bit. We preordered our food, but it seems like that didn’t help with the wait at all. Everyone waited together preorder or not. Once we were through we paid and then picked a table in the West Wing where the rose was. It was a dark room and not well lit at all. It was nice to see all the features like the rose, changing portrait of the beast, and effects, but not a room we would eat in again. Real hard to see your food in such a dimly lit room. DH had the open faced bacon and egg sandwich which he said was really good. We had 2 orders of meats and cheeses and an order of feast a la Gaston to share. No one ate much at all. We also had two trays of pastries, which no one touched. DD4B was complaining that she wanted to go back to the room and sleep that she was tired. I think some of that was the dark ambiance of the West Wing. No one was scared of the West Wing, but then again my girls aren’t really scared of anything.

DD4B perked up as did everyone when we hit the daylight again and made our way to meet Elena and Cinderella at rope drop. We were the first ones at Princess Fairytale Hall and had to wait until the opening show was done before we were let in. We met the princesses and got their autographs. Not an amazing interaction (as I would learn later on), but the girls were pleased that they got to meet two of their favorite princesses. We jumped in line for the carrousel with hardly any wait and all 4 girls loved that. Then we walked over to Cinderella’s fountain where the 4 all played in the water and I took some more pictures.

We then rode the Mad Tea Cups with no wait. The girls loved that and making the cups spin. Next we headed over to the Barnstormer (no wait) where we had to take turns riding that to give everyone a turn riding. Everyone seemed to love the little kiddie rollercoaster. Next up was Dumbo (no real wait) so we rode it twice in a row as it was well loved. The girls loved making the elephant go up and down. Being ahead of time we stopped and did Under the Sea ride. The girls all liked that one as well. We headed to It’s a Small World ride with a short wait of maybe 5-10 minutes. DD1 really liked that one and pointed out all the animals. All the girls seemed to enjoy this ride. Next up we had a FPP to meet Mickey Mouse in Town Square. It was our first time meeting Mickey and he didn’t disappoint. The girls were excited to meet him and gave him a kiss on the nose.

After that we walked over to the Main Street Railway station to hop on the train for a quick ride before our lunch break. We had to wait a good 15 minutes for the train. While we waited the Move it, Shake it, Dance Party came though and we could watch a bit of it from the upper level while waiting for the train. Shortly after, we were able to board the train for the ride. The train took forever to do the full circle around. We had left the stollers at the front of the park so we didn’t have to deal with folding them up. Once we made it to the Fantasyland station DD4A declared she needed to go potty. So we all hopped off knowing we would have to walk to the front of the park. She ended up not really needing to go. We bought a couple cold waters and turned to see the train was still there so we hopped back on and after a few more minutes we were headed back to the front of Magic Kingdom. We stopped at Guest Services on the way out of the park to purchase the military discounted Memory Maker. The line took around 10 minutes. Then we headed back to the resort for lunch and a nap. The girls all napped in the stroller on the way back. While everyone napped I placed an Amazon Prime Now order to be delivered later that night. I knew we didn’t have time to waste on getting to the grocery store.

After our lunch/nap break we were to head to Magic Kingdom to use 2 more FPP and then go to Epcot to use 3 more FPP. We ended up with 3 extra FPP for Magic Kingdom because of an issue with the FPP system when I went to make the FPP reservations. So we were going to do Enchanted Tales with Belle and meet Rapunzel and Tiana then bolt before the Halloween party people made it too crowded. We got to the Polynesian monorail stop and the monorail was packed too full to get on. So we waited for 30 minutes and were told they were having problems and it would be quite a bit longer (no ETA though). We wouldn’t be able to arrive before 4 when all the Halloween people were let in so we bailed on that plan and walked to the TTC to hop on the Epcot monorail. Once we arrived we walked past Guest Services and I stopped in to see if they could change our Fastpasses we had for MK that we couldn’t make in time due to the monorail issues. I wasn’t too optimistic, but the lady working was very helpful and happy to change those for us to use on our next MK day. We then headed straight to meet Anna & Elsa. It was a posted 30 minute wait and that was fairly accurate. The girls were thrilled to meet Anna and Elsa, but it wasn’t that interactive of a meet (at the time I thought it was fine, but again later I learned differently). They seemed fairly “meh” like they were tired of meeting people. The girls were happy though. Next we had a FPP for Frozen Ever After. Big hit all around. The girls loved this ride and sadly wanted to do it again, but there is no way they could handle a nearly 1 hour wait. We stopped at the Grand Fiesta Tour in Mexico, AKA the Donald Duck ride, and it was a huge hit amongst the girls. We then did the LWTL ride as it was a walk on. We think it is a neat ride and the girls enjoyed pointing out the vegetables they know. Then we used a FPP for the Nemo ride and the girls loved that ride. Next up was a FPP for Turtle Talk with Crush. The girls seemed to enjoy this attraction, but we felt it may have been better suited if they were a tad older. Not an attraction we would repeat. We were back in the room at 8pm. We got our Amazon Prime Now order right after we got back. Amazon Prime Now for the win. I’m sure the other grocery stores that deliver are fine, but we have an Amazon account and it was just easier to order from there for us. With so many littles anything that is easier or familiar is a definite win.


Great report. The photographs are perfect. Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to the next installment.


Love the pictures! Adorable littles!


Monday September 17, 2018
Epcot CL2 (actual CL3)
We got up early again today for our Garden Grill reservation at 8:45. I had been hoping for a reservation closer to 8am, but no luck. At like 2am I got a text alert from the reservation finder that an 8am reservation opened up. I quickly muted that as we would be fine with the 8:45 and a chance to have a little more easy going start to the day. With having to go through security twice (once at TTC center and once at Epcot) we were delayed getting into Epcot and didn’t arrive at Garden Grill until almost 9:00. No problem though and we were seated within 5 minutes. This was a great breakfast and one that I would repeat in a heartbeat. DD4C loved the bacon and we had to ask for more. The juice was delicious and DD4A guzzled that down (we only do water at home so this was a real treat). DH liked the eggs and said they were pretty good for mass produced scrambled eggs. The sticky bun is soft and delicious. The waffles were great too. The character interaction was great, the breakfast was great, and most importantly it was quiet and relaxing. Well as relaxing as breakfast can be with so many littles. I get that most people don’t go to Disney for quiet and relaxing, but we need a little bit here and there (because so many littles and to keep our sanity) and this breakfast was perfect for that.

We just barely missed our Living with the Land FPP, but weren’t too upset as we had just rode it the night before. So we headed to ride Nemo again with a FPP. We then walked to Norway for our 11:00 FPP on FEA. We were early and had to wait 5-10 minutes to scan in, but once we got in it was only a 5 minute wait or so. DD4B wanted to sit next to me so I would protect her from the snowmonster. This ride is a huge hit and the girls just loved it. I thought it was pretty cute as well. DH and I rode it back when it was a Viking ride and it was good then as well, but this was more enjoyable for the girls then that would have been. After the ride we went to meet Anna and Elsa again with no wait at all. The interaction this time around was awesome, hands down awesome. Anna danced with the girls and their smiles were so huge. Anna was helping them pick out a mountain to live on so they could be neighbors. DD4C asked to see Anna’s boots and she was happy to show them off and they all compared shoes. Asking to see shoes became a thing my girls did when they met all the princesses. I was able to get this whole interaction on video. This was when I realized that not all interactions are the same and it really depends on the person portraying the princess. Anna really got into it and made it memorable. Those pictures are some of the best.

We then headed back to the room for lunch/nap and arrived at the room at 12:30. All 4 were napping in the stroller when we got back.

We left the room at 3:30 as we had our 4th Fastpass for the Epcot Character Spot to meet Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie. The girls enjoyed this meet as well. DD1 ran over to Minnie and was the first time she warmed up to any of the characters. It was cute and Minnie danced with all the girls in a big circle.

Next up was our 5pm dinner reservation at Akershus. We got checked in and had the girls picture taken with Belle then whisked to a table. DH ordered the seared pork tenderloin which was shared with all the girls. He liked it, but had already eaten some cheese and salmon from the appetizer buffet. I ordered the herb roasted chicken breast that I slightly picked at because it was sitting on top of mashed potatoes. I am picky, like very picky. I eat like my 4 year old kids. I don’t like my food to touch especially if it is something I don’t eat and I don’t eat mashed potatoes. All 4 girls got pizza, which they barely touched because it looked different from the pizza we make at home. I think it had more sauce or less cheese, but either way it was “too red” so they didn’t eat more than a bite if that. The desserts came and both DD4B and DD1 loved the chocolate one.

Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel all made their rounds while we were eating and were happy to take pictures with the girls and sign autographs. The waiter was really nice and very friendly with the girls. After dinner we went to meet Elsa and Anna yet again (for the 3rd time) and there was no wait really. When we walked in I heard one of the CM say “oh the triplets are back” so I guess we are memorable haha. Literally all my girls wanted to do was hang out and meet the princesses and characters over and over. We checked out the cute bathrooms in Norway and thought it was a nice touch to be decorated in a Scandinavian theme.

We then had to stop by the Donald Duck ride in Mexico again as the girls were upset we didn’t do that earlier in the day. The ride was a walk on and we made it out and headed to the Imagination Pavillion to check out the hopping water. When we approached a CM said all the attractions were closed for the day and I asked “even just looking at the water fountains” he looked at me like I was crazy and said “knock yourself out”. I thought it was a tad rude, but brushed it off. This was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. We parked the strollers at the top of the pavilion and there was absolutely no one in sight. We had the whole area to ourselves. We let the girls out and they played in the water and watched the water “hop”. We did this for a good 20 minutes and it was beautiful with a beautiful backdrop and we were all alone. It was peaceful and the girls were able to splash water and get some energy out. It was perfect.

We had another FPP for Nemo so we rode that again and really it was a walk on, but I felt like a rockstar nonetheless for getting our 5th FPP of the day. When we walked off DD4A really wanted to play in the sharks mouth so we stopped by the play area and let them all climb in the sharks mouth and play for a few minutes. Afterward we hopped the monorail back and walked to the resort where we were back in the room at 8:50.


Tuesday September 18, 2018
Magic Kingdom CL1
We woke this morning to a 0730 O’hana breakfast reservation and decided this would be the last reservation and we would cancel all the rest because being tied to reservations was difficult with so many littles. We really liked the family style and didn’t want to try the pain that we would surely entail with a buffet style meal. We cancelled a Tusker House breakfast, a Be Our Guest breakfast, a Be Our Guest lunch, and a Hollywood & Vine breakfast. The O’hana breakfast was ok, but probably a one and done for us. We never saw Pluto or had our picture with him like we were told we would do before we sat down. We did get to meet Mickey, Lilo, and Stitch. There was great interaction here. I have to say every single Mickey we met throughout our trip was great and had great interaction. DH said the eggs were good here too. The amazing juice was here as well and DD4A and I loved that. The Mickey waffles (and Stitch too) are here and they were good as well. They had a coconut bread type thing that no one seemed to care for except DD1. DD1 liked the fruit and the trio only seemed to eat the grapes. The server brought out several more servings of grapes as that is all they would eat. The girls enjoyed the maracas and parade through the restaurant, but it went downhill after that. DD4C had to go to the bathroom so I took her and came back to DD4A needing to go as well, a spilled drink, and DD4B got a little sick from the over consumption of grapes. So we bolted out of there and headed to MK via the monorail at the Polynesian.

We were walking down main street as the fireworks for the opening show went off so right behind rope drop. We rode the Jungle Cruise with a 10 minute wait. The girls liked pointing out all the animals they saw.

Then instead of going to POTC as planned we stopped at the Magic Carpets because the girls saw it and didn’t want to wait. So I just flip flopped POTC and Magic Carpets on our TP. It is a fun ride that we all enjoyed.

Next we went to Pirates of the Caribbean that had a 10 minute posted wait. 25 minutes later we finally got on and now we were behind time line. DD1 liked pointing at the dogs she saw on the ride. No one was scared in the least. We scurried back to the strollers to head to the Haunted Mansion for our FPP. We made it with the 15 minute grace period, but there wasn’t even a line so the FPP wasn’t even necessary. The girls liked the ride and weren’t scared at all. DD4B was pointing out the birds red eyes which is her favorite color. They were also saying “awww the ghosts are dancing and are happy ghosts”. However, we don’t talk about things being scary and they have never said they were scared of anything, but I can see how some kids would be scared. Every kid is different, but I have the weird ones that grab our Halloween skeleton and cuddle up with it on the couch and talk to it.

We stopped at the Rapunzel bathrooms because they looked so cute and because a bathroom break is always a good idea with littles. We then had a FPP to meet Ariel. The girls were pointing out that she didn’t have her legs like she did the night before at Akershus and then had her pull out the dinglehopper to brush her hair. I think they were genuinely upset that they couldn’t brush their own hair with the dinglehopper.

We moved along to the next FPP of meeting Rapunzel and Tiana. Like all princesses the girls asked to see their shoes and the princesses gladly showed off her shoes. Rapunzel said Pascal was back in the palace so we didn’t get to see him. Tiana even had the perfect New Orleans accent, which I was rather impressed by. She gladly showed off and compared her tiara to the girls’ tiaras. It was a cute interaction. Then we walked out of fairytale hall and rode the carousel again before we headed to the front of the park to use another FPP to meet Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell talked fast and the girls were asking her to show them how she flies, but she told them she isn’t allowed to fly indoors anymore. DD1 was checking out all the trinkets in the area.

I am genuinely impressed by the characters we met especially the face characters. The amount of effort they put into it and being excited to meet each and every kid has to be a lot of work. I made sure to thank them all, but I hope they get paid well for what they do. We walked into Tony’s to get Lady and the Tramp’s autograph for their books then we left for lunch/nap at 12:30.

At 3:20 we left the room to head back to MK. I had gotten a FPP for Buzz Lightyear earlier so we went and rode that. The girls loved it and loved shooting. Their scores were poor because they wouldn’t let DH or myself help. Buzz Lightyear had a short wait so we hopped in line for that and got to meet Buzz. He was fun to meet and stamped the girls books. He kissed all of their hands and twirled them around. They gobbled up the attention. DD1 loved seeing Buzz in line during the ride, but became bashful when meeting him.

We did the Peoplemover next and it was a short wait to get on, maybe 5 minutes. It was a nice relaxing ride with ac/wind and I liked that we could all sit in one vehicle and see each other. The girls enjoyed it as well as it was some nice downtime.

Afterward we headed to our Enchanted Tales with Belle FPP, which didn’t seem like we even needed. This attraction was cute and we loved seeing Luminere. All 4 girls got to have their picture taken with Belle after it was over. WTP had a wait of 20 minutes so rode that in standby. The girls didn’t mind the wait with all the places to play along the way. The honey wall was a big hit. The girls enjoyed the ride and were giggling the whole time, but I don’t see the big appeal in the ride itself. It was fun for us to just watch the girls though so win-win.

The teacups were next up and the girls love spinning those and going fast. They kept calling them the magic tea cups. After this it was 6pm so we headed out, as we weren’t attending MNSSHP.


I love your writing style. Thanks for sharing your report.


Wednesday September 19, 2018
Animal Kingdom CL2 (actual CL2)

Today we set off for Animal Kingdom. This is the one park that neither DH nor myself had been to before. We got on the first Shades of Green bus at 0830 and arrived at 0850 at Animal Kingdom. The bus was crowded, but the girls crammed together to sit and DD4A made friends with an older lady that was as sweet as can be.

As soon as we walked through the gates we saw Divine moving about so we stopped and watched her for a few minutes before we headed back to Africa for our KS FPP. DH stopped for a coffee along the way. We were leaning more towards today being relaxing and not go, go, go. We got on the truck for the safari and got to see a lot of animals.

DD1 really loved this ride. She was pointing and yelling to show us all the animals. The trio enjoyed it as well. When we got to the lions they were yelling “look it’s Simba” which had people around us laughing. It was cool to see the giraffes more up close and the baby monkey. We then spent about 5 minutes on the Gorilla Falls trail before we turned back as the girls clearly didn’t want to just look at animals from the stroller.

Next we boarded the train to go to Conservation Station. It was a peaceful little ride that we all enjoyed. There is a theme here. Basically anything somewhat quiet and low key we really enjoyed. I mean we bring the crazy with us with 4 littles so yeah we like any quiet we can get. It wasn’t crowded at all so we first met Doc McStuffins inside. She was very friendly and was able to spend a decent amount of time with the girls as no one else was even around. The setup for Doc McStuffins was adorable and the handler even sung the theme song with the girls.

Then we headed outside to meet Rafiki and we were the first in line for that. He was friendly and the girls were very excited as they love “The Lion King”.

We then went into the affection section to pet some animals. DD1 was loving this part and was very happy to run up to the animals to pet them. She is alike a bull in a china shop and just goes after whatever she wants in full force. We had to hold her back some as not to scare the animals. We picked up a brush and everyone took turns petting “Charlotte” the pig. The pig did not move and didn’t care that there were people all around petting and brushing; very docile.

We washed hands and hopped back on the train to head back. Once back to Africa we walked to Pandora for our FPP on Navi River Journey. Pandora was pretty crowded with people as expected so we slipped into the FPP line and onto the ride without looking around too much. The ride was nice and relaxing. The colors kept the girls attention and were very vibrant and pretty. I pointed out the animals above that you could see making paw prints on the leaves overhead. We walked to the bus station and took a Disney bus back to the Polynesian as we had just missed the Shades of Green bus. The bus wasn’t crowded, but DD4A saw the same woman from the morning and was happy to have someone to chit chat with the whole ride back.

DD1 was irritable and ripped the bow off her shirt. No way to fix it until we got home so she had a Mickey shirt rather than a Minnie shirt the rest of the day. Sadly for her she has like no hair and people mistake her for a boy all the time so the Mickey shirt wasn’t going to help her cause. We walked back to the resort from the Polynesian and were back in the room at 12:30 for lunch/nap.

For the evening we took the 3:30 bus from Shades of Green to AK and arrived at 3:50. We headed to Dinoland and met Launchpad McQuack, Daisy Duck, and Donald Duck with hardly any wait. They checked out Daisy’s shoes. Then we rode TriceraTop Spin 3 times in a row with no wait.

Chip and Dale were out in very cute dinosaur costumes for a dance party so we joined that for a few minutes. The trio enjoyed seeing Chip and Dale and dancing with them although they were a bit shy.

DD4B really wanted to ride Primeval Whirl, but they are too short so we had to let her down easily and move on away from it because being near it she just kept on and on about wanting to ride. Our FPP to meet Mickey & Minnie at Adventurer’s Outpost was coming up so we wandered over to that as we only had a 30 minute window for this FPP. Along the way we got a little turned around. This park seems easy to get turned around in as there are so many trails and offshoots plus the general layout seems to make travel difficult getting from one place to the other. This could have just been my perception as first timers in this park though. The meeting with Mickey and Minnie was cute and it was nice to get a picture of both of them together, but again we really didn’t need a FPP as there wasn’t a line at all. DD1 really warmed up to Minnie again and also Mickey.

Once we used our last FPP I was able to get us another one for the Festival of the Lion King at 6pm. This was an ok show although the girls really loved it. I was expecting more of a Broadway play and it was more like a Cirque du Soleil. The music was good though and kept the trios attention. DD1 was antsy and didn’t want to sit for it. She has a problem with being constrained for any period of time. She tries to wrestle to get free if being held because she wants to be on her own like the big girls.

Once we sat down I got us another FPP for KS (again) for right after the Lion King. Apparently there was a big downpour while we were inside for the Lion King because it was very wet when we came out and was a light sprinkle of rain. We put the ponchos on the girls as the strollers were wet. The rain was welcomed as it really cooled things off and made it very nice in the park. We headed over to the KS and was turned away as the safari had flooded and they didn’t know when it would reopen. Bummer as DD1 really loved that ride. The FPP turned into an anytime experience, but with it being so late and us not having anything else we wanted to do I tried to mobile order Flame Tree BBQ, but the app wasn’t working so we bailed and just headed for the bus back.

The bus was a bit of a wait with the rain and everyone trying to leave. We let people ahead of us and just waited for the next bus to come. We started chatting with a group behind us in line and a kind gentleman offered to help DH with one of the strollers when it came time to wrangle everyone onto the bus. It’s nice to see kind people out there. DD1 was throwing a fit on the bus as she didn’t want to be held any longer. I was doing my best to contain her and keep her from causing a scene. Some dude turned around and was just staring. He wasn’t close enough to make a comment, but I could tell from his eyes that he was very irritated. I’m doing the best I can to not disturb anyone, but I’m stuck and frustrated and getting beat up by my 1 year old. I won’t forget that irritated stare I got. I was ticked to be honest.

We got back to the Polynesian and walked to our resort and were back in the room at 8pm. We actually really liked the Dinoland area. I know it is not well loved by many, but it is themed cute and there are lots of characters to meet. This will be an unpopular opinion, but Animal Kingdom is our least favorite park. It is very beautiful, but it didn’t feel as “Disney” as the others do.


Glad you had a great time!!

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I am enjoying your trip report. You (and your husband) are rockstars with your 4 littles at Disney. I can barely hang with 2.


Haha, thanks! I wouldn’t say rockstars though. Just 2 crazy people running around like their heads are cut off pretending like we’ve got it together. :joy:


Sounds like a great trip! I like the tip about asking characters to see their shoes. My DD is always so shy and doesn’t know what to say but I think she would talk about shoes! AK is also our least favorite park, we love animals but prefer spending our time with rides. We also have the STL zoo here which is free! And I am impressed at how quickly you are able to return to parks in the evening!


I’ve been enjoying your report and marvel at your ability to do it. My wife and I did not have children, so I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be. And you get a special “Good Parenting” medal for making the entire trip all about them. CMs and M&Gs are tied for my absolutely least favorite things to do at WDW; to do as many as you did would have required me to be heavily medicated :slight_smile: I’m glad everything went so well and you all had such a good time.


Thanks :blush: It was all about them and what they wanted to do, but honestly we got a lot of enjoyment at just watching them. Plus pretty much every single ride was new to us as the last time we went we avoided the kiddie rides. From what I’ve read CM is chaotic so we definitely wanted to avoid that! We did a TON of meet and greets, but I will have to add them all up for a final count.

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Thursday September 20, 2018
Magic Kingdom CL4 (actual CL2)

Today I definitely heard Luke’s phrase of “this is not going to go the way you think” over and over. Let me start with what was planned. Today was our last Magic Kingdom day and we were to be there at RD. Ride WTP, Barnstormer, Dumbo, FPP PPF, FPP 7DMT, few other rides sprinkled in, FPP Elena/Cinderella meet afternoon, HEA dessert party. I planned PPF and 7DMT for our latest MK day to get good FPP availability times and to give the girls a chance to be comfortable with Barnstormer before a big roller coaster like 7DMT. This would be the one time DD1 would have to sit out, but I didn’t think she would notice missing out just once. This was to be the one day we stayed late enough for fireworks. The girls have never seen fireworks before so a blocked off garden viewing area sounded perfect and also perfectly less chaotic for us with so many littles. So that WAS the general plan for reference.

However, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

We got to the hub a few minutes before the opening show. We got to see the characters come out and a quick firework display before heading into Fantasyland. The girls loved the opening show and were pretty mesmerized by it all. The girls made a lot of “ooh and aweing” as the 4 fireworks went off to begin the day. In my mind I’m thinking tonight is going to be awesome as they have no idea what to expect.

Up first we had WTP planned, but alas the ride was down and no idea how long before it was to be running again. No worries, we can adjust and hit it again later on or just skip it, no biggie. So we walked over to the Barnstormer as it was a favorite for the girls. We gave everyone a ride on that, so 4 times total for us. DD4A got to ride twice as she was last and they didn’t have a line so we could just stay on.

Then we hopped over to Dumbo with a few minutes wait because they only had 1 Dumbo going.
I was holding DD1 in the line and tried taking a selfie with her and she looked miserable. I couldn’t get a smile even with trying to tickle her.

I instantly knew something wasn’t right. I felt her head and she was pretty hot. As we were boarding the Dumbo I decided that after the ride we needed to take her temp. I am prepared. I carry a medical kit everywhere (Children’s Advil, syringe/cup, Benadryl, bandaids/neo, thermometer, saline, snot sucker, and a few alcohol pads). After the ride we stopped behind the building where the bathrooms are and into the shade. I took her temp under the arm and it was 102.9.

We packed everyone up in the strollers and ran, literally RAN across the park to the First Aid Center. I’m sure people thought we were nuts as we were booking it both pushing a double stroller. Luckily the park was fairly empty as it was still early so there weren’t many people we had to dodge. I wanted to get her temp ran again and get her in some ac. This wasn’t an overheated type thing as we had only been out in the park for 40 minutes. The nurse took her temp and it was 102.4. They offered Tylenol or Advil but I politely declined and gave her our dye free Advil. Twenty minutes later I had them take her temp again and it was 101.6. They gave us a cold washcloth and we decided to miss our FPP’s for PPF and 7DMT and instead head back to the resort for some ac and rest. DD1 snuggled up on me very tightly so I ended carrying her while pushing the stroller with DD4B all the way back to our room. Looking back I wish the First Aid center had offered some type of transportation back. I don’t mind walking or the heat at all, but it would have been great to keep DD1 out of the sweltering heat. Not sure if they even offer something like that or if we could have asked, but I more or less just reacted and knew we needed to get back to the room asap for DD1.

Once we were back in the room all 4 girls were happy to take a nap. I went to the Exchange inside the resort and they did not have children’s Tylenol. I placed another Amazon Prime Now order for a few items, but mainly for children’s Tylenol so we could alternate between Advil and Tylenol to knock out this fever. Then I called Disney and explained the problem of how we needed to cancel the dessert party for later that evening. After asking for a full refund due to a sick child they were happy to do it. I was fully prepared to have them check with the First Aid Center to verify that we were there and this isn’t a made up story or just lose out on the party. I find that if you are polite and courteous people are usually willing to help you if they can.

My rockstar feeling was taken down about 10 pegs when we missed the PPF and 7DMT as I knew we would not be able to modify those for a later time. DH thought it was brilliant to just modify them to a later time as we had done a couple times on other things, but he didn’t know how rare those FPP are. I was totally ok with it though and the girls didn’t know what they were missing as there was more than enough to entertain them. Sure it would have been fun to ride those 2, but first and foremost is our daughter’s health and it would have been unwise to keep her out in the heat just to ride these big ticket attractions. We will make sure to hit those up on our next trip though.

I then was able to modify our expired FPP to a Buzz Lightyear and a WTP for later that evening. Not knowing if we would even be up for it, but we had the option if DD1 was feeling better. I was not optimistic at all that we would make it back although I was toying with the idea of maybe trying to take the trio by myself just to make the meet and greet for Elena/Cinderella as DD4B really wanted to dance with Elena. Plan B for the day is one of us take the girls to the pool while the other stayed in the room with poor little DD1. Once everyone woke up DD1 was running all over the place being her into every single thing crazy self not even acting like anything was bothering her. Her temp was way down and into the normal range so I went ahead and gave her some Tylenol to keep it at bay.

Looking back on it this was our 5 park day so 5 days of being exposed to things. The timeline fits and it makes sense that she picked up something. There are so many people from all over coming together in one place and no amount of hand sanitizer can keep it all away because we did use hand sanitizer. Things rarely go perfectly planned and even less so with kids especially so many little kids! So we just rolled with it because what else can you do. My best advice is to have your own little medical kit.

We decided to head back to Magic Kingdom and see what we could fit in since DD1 was feeling like her normal self again. If anything, we could at least meet Elena and Cinderella one more time with our FPP, but we were prepared to leave at a moments notice. We left the room at 3pm and took the ferry this time. The ferry is the way to go, hands down. A nice ride, not many people at all, just as fast, and a great view and breeze. We wished we had done the ferry the rest of the time instead of the monorail.

We arrived at Magic Kingdom at 3:45 and there was a light drizzle that felt amazing. However, it delayed/cancelled the Royal Friendship Faire that we were hoping to catch so DD4C could see Anna (yet again, haha). We walked over to the Tea Cups and rode that. DD1 was grinning from ear to ear and looked so much better. The girls all love that ride and got the cups spinning like crazy.

We then used our FPP to meet Cinderella and Elena at Princess Fairytale Hall. Cinderella put the tiara back on DD4C’s head when it got knocked off during the group hug. What a cute moment that was! I was glad to have captured that on video. Then the meeting with Elena was the best of the entire trip. Elena and the girls had so much fun together and the meeting went on for more than 5 minutes. LONGEST meet and greet ever, but also BEST meet and greet ever! So long that CM’s were giving out FPP to the people behind us for the delay. Elena was telling stories, dancing with the girls, comparing shoes, comparing tiaras, talking about riding Jaquins, and just having a blast. Such an amazing interaction and made their day! The photopass photographer told me that those were some of the best pictures he’s ever taken. I actually wrote a nice email to guest services about that Elena telling them how awesome she was with the girls. I hope she gets recognition for it, because she deserves it! Not all meet and greets are the same at all.

Once we were finished there we rode the carrousel and I rode with DD1 to keep an eye on how she felt (plus I secretly wanted to ride too).

We walked over to Storybook Circus where we met Minnie and Daisy with about a 20 minute wait. Next up was our FPP for Buzz Lightyear where the girls had a fun time shooting the blasters again. The scores were low yet again because no one would let us help.

We then jumped on the Peoplemover with a very short wait. We really enjoyed this ride as it was low key and keeps the 4 of them contained. The rain had made a beautiful rainbow over Space Mountain and the Contemporary resort that I was able to capture although not my best photography as being on a moving ride at the time and only having my phone.

Everyone was getting hungry so we mobile ordered some hot dogs from the Lunching Pad. They were ready very quickly and we decided to take them to Cosmic Ray’s so we could get some other food as well. I mobile ordered Cosmic Ray’s and we walked there in about 3 minutes and still had to wait another 15 minutes or more until the food was actually ready. I guess they were swamped or something. We sat down and everyone ate there before we went to our FPP for Winnie the Pooh. The girls were sad to miss the honey wall due to the FPP line, but really enjoyed the ride again and were giggling the whole time. I think Tigger popping out really made them laugh.

It was getting close to 7:30 and getting packed for the fireworks so we made a beeline for the exit so we didn’t get stuck in the hordes of people with a semi sick child after the show. We took the ferry back and decided to stay near the ferry dock ramp area to watch the fireworks since it was a perfect view of the castle. We could even hear a bit of the music from the Polynesian beach. The girls enjoyed the fireworks once they got started (~8:10). DD4B kept saying “wow” and “it’s red, my favorite color” while giggling. She was the most mesmerized. DD1 was snuggling with DH and looked ready for bed so we left before they were even over, but at least the girls got to see some fireworks. We were back in the room by 8:45.

In hindsight I’m glad we dropped the HEA dessert party and left before the mass exodus of people. Sure it would have been a better view and we could have seen the projections, but with our situation it was best to buzz out early. Plus, there is always next time! It was a rough start to the day and didn’t go quite as planned, but I think we made the best out of it and it ended as perfectly as it could have.


Oh those girls are precious!! Between the three holding hands and the little one’s snuggles I’m melting!! So sorry she got sick but sounds like she’s a trooper. Kids sure are resilient. Love your reports!!


Wow! What a crazy adventure! So glad your DD1 was feeling well enough that you could take advantage of the afternoon. And those pictures with Elena are so great! Wouldn’t be surprised if I saw something like that on a Disney ad. So fun!


Yes, shoes and tiaras (if they have one) are awesome talk points. I was afraid I was going to get tomatoes thrown at me for saying AK was our least favorite. Like you, our girls love animals but wanted to spend time riding rides or meeting characters instead.


I have enjoyed reading your report so much! We were at MK(Mon) & AK on the same days! We got caught in the 6pm rainstorm at AK & almost didn’t make it to MK for our HEA party! It was a doozy. Glad you were in the show for most of it. Your girls are precious! I’m positive we didn’t see you because I would never forget their cuteness!


And I was hoping for a Liner meet! Oh man, it sounds like you had an eventful evening too. It must have been a short storm though because we only had a few sprinkles when we got out.