This is driving me crazy! (And secretly happy.)

It has been a crazy week. But, something happened on Tuesday that won’t leave me…and it is driving me crazy.

If you all recall (think WAY WAY WAY back to Monday), we had to book our Disney Park Pass (DPP) reservations. After that was successful, I wanted to take care of my son’s POR reservation for our trip. I managed to get through and stay on hold for 2 hours on Tuesday. End result? We got him moved to Pop Century same as us.

But here’s the problem. While on hold for 2 hours, they looped through a bunch of Disney music, mostly from various rides. One of those is the dramatic sweeping music from Soarin’. Now, I love that music. It evokes such memories, and has me excited to return to experience it again. But, ever since that call, the same few bars of music just keep playing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again in my head, almost non-stop.

Of course, I might go insane from this…but at the same time, it seems to be this background soundtrack in my brain constantly reminding me of returning to the most magical place on earth.

Anyone else get the Disney “hold music” stuck in their head?


It’s been awhile. Thanks for bringing it back. :crazy_face:

Soarin is stuck in my head for the last couple of days for the exact same reason. I wonder if it’s the same bars?

For me it starts at 00:20 and then also 00:38 on this video

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Hehe. No. Actually, the part that plays in my head STARTS at 00:38 in that video. Truth is, though, I love the entire song. I actually started listening to it on Spotify in its entirety.

ETA: Or, wait…you are saying BOTH themes in the song are in your head…the one at 00:38 and the one at 00:20? I just have the one from 00:38.

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Yes that’s what I meant

I repeatedly hear the big climactic entry at 00:20, and then it skips ahead to 00:38 and plays on from there in my head

Ugh. Now you’ve done it! (Okay, blaming you because you responded, even though it is all my own doing.)

I’m listening through the full track on Spotify, and I get to the music at 00:38 and start to…ALMOST…tear up. I’ve missed Disney so much, and this music just makes the longing worse!


OMG I had the exact same tearful response when it came on the first time I (finally) got on hold.

It’s a very stirring piece of music, for sure.

And as much as I’ve gone - and will continue to go - back and forth about should we go or not in August, hearing the hold music gets me sooooooo excited I can’t imagine not!

I do enjoy the Soarin section but after listening to the hold loop for over 20 hours last week I was wishing they would extend it and add some new material! Not to mention fixing the skips and stops that kept making me think someone was picking up! However yesterday I did find full length audio recordings of both Epcot Forever and ROL at, neither of which I have managed to see and now know I won’t anytime soon. So I enjoyed listening to them in lieu of hold music while I worked!

So true! Because I was using my cell phone, I kept it plugged in across the room left on speaker phone. More than once I heard one of those glitches and made a mad dash across the room to answer it…only to be disappointed it was just more of The Haunted Mansion or something!


Yes that transition point in particular caught me severaltimes too!

Okay, I am scarred

After being on hold for a total of 9hrs 51minutes since Friday morning, I cannot stop singing

“America spread your golden wings
Fly on freedom’s wind across the sky
Great bird with your golden dreams
Flying high, flying high!”

It hurts. Make it stop.

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I have a short list of 10-15 Disney and WDW songs I listen to when I run three times a week. I constantly have these stuck in my head. Soarin, Grim Grinning Ghosts, America, Canada, Pirates, Space, a few others get stuck in there.

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Hiiiiiiiiiii! Nice to see you :slight_smile:

Let it go!

(There, that should help, but be much much worse :laughing:)


Why I otta… :fist_left:

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The super creepy “hurry back…hurry baaaacckk” from Haunted Mansion always creeps me out when I’m not really paying attention to the speakerphone on hold while I do other things.


In addition to Soarin’, yes it is now stuck in my head, I have the Illuminations soundtrack in my running list. It is long enough and has a great tempo for running!

I wake up with a different song in my head every morning. Most days this past week they’ve been disney parks songs. You know, has a whole station just for soarin…

I’ve almost always got some Disney song stuck in my head. Most of the time it is Festival of Fantasy parade songs. Yesterday it was the Frozen 2 soundtrack after I started watching the Making of Frozen 2 on Disney+.

I’m still singing the hold music

I think my brain is damaged

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