This DVC business

I’m not rich like you people, but I suddenly got to wondering: how much does DVC membership cost — both upfront and ongoing.

Obviously it varies so, you know, ballpark it for me.

next time you’re down there, go through the spiel, you’ll get a gift card for your time (not a pathetic $10 one either.)

I would say roughly, if buying directly from Disney, on the cheap side you can probably get away with $10,000 to buy in and then $500/yr for annual dues.

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And what do you get for that? One week free holiday a year forever?

it’ll depend on when/where you spend your points, but yes, that’ll get you about a week. That’ll net you roughly 75 points.

And the contracts from Disney are 50 years

(keep in mind, the prices are always going up too, so $10,000 now will likely get you less than $10,000 in the future)

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Which is forever for me.

I might do the tour. I hear you get $$$ and three FPPs. Plus it might be interesting. Especially if they take me to the new resort.

oh yeah I forgot about that. Yeah 3 anytimes.

And they will likely take you to the new resort. They’re all about showing off their latest and greatest.

3 big things to keep in mind though when hearing the speil (cause they kinda yadda-yadda over it).

  1. Room availability to where you WANT to be is going to be extremely limited at certain times of year. (read: most likely won’t get BLT/Poly/GF, but SSR is likely)
  2. Value/Moderate resort stays will almost always yield more for your money. – this is kinda expecting you will only be happy with Deluxe accommodations.
  3. Disney can and will adjust a room’s point value without consultation. For example, a Deluxe Studio could be 100 pts a week THIS year, and then next 150 pts for the week.

My circumstances are different than yours (solo vs family of six) so I can’t speak to how much it’d cost you but when I started crunching numbers for our family I was surprised at the cost. I think I expected it to cost more than it did.

I think it also depends on how important the resort is to you. We are deluxe resort people and as my youngest just turned three we have to book two rooms for our family to stay on site.

I also like DVC because it puts less pressure on everyone coming along every trip. My husband tolerates WDW but doesn’t love it like me. So, this summer I’m just taking our three older kids and our niece (who hasn’t been in five or six years) and making fun memories with her.


I thought (and perhaps I’ve misunderstood) though that the TOTAL points a resort has to allocate amongst its rooms stays constant and can’t be increased…is that right?? So, to your example, if one group of rooms increases by 50 points for a week, doesn’t another group of rooms have to decrease by the same amount of points?


you should TOTALLY do the tour. and then buy in. Mention my name and you’ll get free ice cream after the tour too! :wink: jk. you’ll get free ice cream either way. The tour is at Saratoga Springs. They have a building with mocked up rooms inside. We just added to our membership by buying into Riviera. I had absolutely no interest in Riviera but then the tour convinced me. The rooms are SO nice. and big. and the location is almost perfect.
There’s all sorts of approaches to becoming a member. We didn’t go the resale route mostly because even though the price is lower per point, the contract length is much shorter.

I was going to ask the same question. That’s what I thought also.

also probably you know this, but watch all the videos that Pete has put up through He has a lot of good information. Also, join the FB group.

I think so? I know there was a big stink about this a few months ago and they backed off. But I believe you are right that they will adjust as you say.

I see what I wrote can be confusing, so you’re correct, It’s not like it’s like a standard room and the “price” (read: points needed) just keeps going up and up and up. (at least, not right now).

The tour was only there cause Riveria wasn’t build yet, though, right? Cause once Copper Creek was done, my tour was there.

Yeah that’s what I was reading. And that was one of my big concerns when we signed up because if they have the freedom to do that it kind of throws out the whole “well resort prices are only increasing and DVC allows you to lock in today’s prices” benefit when considering a membership.

Maybe? All the times we’ve talked with DVC we made our appointment while in the park. So they drove us over to the DVC building, which is at Saratoga. We’ve never toured within a currently operating hotel.

The DVC website has starting price at $18,800 plus closing costs and annual dues of $62 per month. Then it goes up from there. DVC website cost page

You can also buy on the secondary market at a lower price but WDW has it’s say in that as well.

Yes. That is correct. So, if some rooms go up in points, others have to be reduced to compensate. So, if they aren’t renting out the Grand Villas for 2 billion pts, they take a billion of them and sift them over the remainder of the rooms, etc. Now you only need a billion pts for the Grand Villa, but everything else higher. That kind of thing.

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I wonder though if the DVC salespeople have some sort of strings they can pull when trying to sign you up. When we decided to buy (end of March this year) I asked him if he could help us book our first DVC stay at the BC in October. Now this was before SWGE’s opening dates were announced but I’m pretty sure it’s nearly impossible to get inside the 7 month window during F&W. But he put me on hold for maybe 5 minutes, popped back on and said “well looks like you got lucky! It was available for all of your dates!!”

@mousematt one thing you’ll want to strongly consider is the size accommodation you want and the relative availability of that type of room at 11mos and 7 mos out. It’s my understanding that studio rooms are hard to come by because there aren’t that many of them in inventory. If a one bedroom is more your jam, adjust your points up accordingly.

Their website is straight up awful when it comes to this. It’s almost designed to deter you. The only reason I can think they allow it to continue is to make people think they got a really good deal when they get there?

Very possible, or you DID get lucky. :slight_smile: We were told the same thing: that anything near epcot during F&W was almost impossible to get.