This dumb business about resort-hopping

I’m trying to get the Skyliner into the schedule for December. One convenient way would be to take a Lyft to RR. (Or, I guess, CBR.)

Would that work, or would the job’s-worth at the entrance turn us away for want of a reservation?

Would it make a difference if we showed up in a Minnie Van?

On a day you are at HS or EP, take the Skyliner from one to the other…then walk, boat, or Skyliner back.

As to your original question…I am not sure.


There are reports that Minnie Vans are not turned away at the gates.

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RR guards are really hit or miss. I have been absolutely grilled to pieces when joining someone for breakfast at Topolinos and the reservation wasn’t in my name and then my most recent trip my uber driver just flashed his license and nothing was said. I personally wouldn’t risk it.

I would just get to HS and take it from there. Maybe before dinner somewhere on the Boardwalk or before/after Topolinos (aren’t you dining there)?


With an Uber my guess is you get through, but I’m also not sure it is worth depending on that.

We did Skyliner joy rides one trip where we just hopped from HS to Epcot to do some shopping and on another we were headed from HS to Disney Springs but decided to Skyliner over to Beach Club and hop a bus there. Not efficient, but it got us the extra Skyliner ride we wanted. Shoehorning an inefficient trip like that might make sense before/after an Epcot/HS visit.


RR is the worst for screening ppl at the gate, I’ve not tried to get into CBR. If you don’t want to use Ryan’s ideas, which are good ones, then you could Lyft to BW and walk over to the IG entrance to hop onto the Skyliner. BW seems to be more lax at the gate than B/YC.

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