This Disney commercial did not age well

I am going 1/28-2/2. It sounds like the Festival of the Arts is better than expected this year so I’m excited. I found doing a semi-live trip report easier than waiting until I returned home (life gets in the way). No real rules. I post lots of pictures in my reports because I take so many. And I feel like people like details if you RD–time you arrived, what you did first and how long you waited.



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Are you meeting up with Dreamer? Your dates overlap. :slight_smile:
I hope ya’ll have fun and you get that much needed recharge. Sometimes moms need to act like kids too!


We have nearly all the planning videos Disney has put out, even I think, the VHS ones. Unless in a silly moment I pitched them. I never saw the planning video posted here tho.

Way before planning videos there were planning magazines and we had a lot of them. Didn’t find any when I was attempting a declutter last fall. I know at one point when the grandkids were littles we cut favorite pictures from the magazines and glued them onto papers. Early schedule making . . .

Tho it may make me the odd one out (emphasis on odd) the biggest thing I missed last month was restaurants and plenty of menu options. I didn’t even miss park hopping as much as I thought I would . . .

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My friend and I took a “mom’s only” trip in 2019. It was amazing.


Can I come?! :rofl:

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