This could pan out in many ways... A stab at a live report Dec 15th-19th

First things first, you may see I changed my name from what was essentially random letters to something that can be pronounced and actually includes my name.

Our travels began yesterday and I’m currently sitting in a plane at Gatwick airport, so let’s get this started!

I’m travelling with my wife, son (8) and daughter (11). We’ve been to WDW with the kids 3 times before - some you might recall our past adventures which have often been fast paced and relatively short. We travel to the US typically only once a year for a couple of weeks and mostly spend time with some family in Florida, so our WDW trips tend to be short.

Photo from 2021)

This time, we have 3 full days, half a day on departure day and depending on various factors, a late late arrival day (for me while the others sleep off their jetlag). Staying at Poly TP view - I’ve requested 3rd floor in the Tuvalu building and eager to see what we end up with.

This is the most excited my kids have been about WDW - they’ve been talking about it constantly for the past month and my son has made lists on what everyone wants to do, watching videos, he also looked up WDW on Google earth. a nerd like his father. Even my wife who thinks WDW is often a bit “much” and

This is also the most worried I’ve been - during the past year I’ve had a number of issues with my leg and it keeps going back and forth between being ok and getting tired and hurting super fast. Long story short, I have no idea how long I can walk without pain - it might be fine, I might be limping during the first day and this is frustrating and there is very little I can do to prepare.

So, I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic and also consider the option that we might have to do shorter days or even do a full rest day on day 2 or 3. We are skipping AK this time so I’ve booked HS for both days for this reason.

Day 1 - MK
Day 2 - HS or rest/resort/etc
Day 3 - HS or rest
Day 4 - Epcot

I won’t bother listing my itinerary because I have a feeling it’ll flip over any time, but I will be using G+ and ILL to get the most important things checked out in our limited time.



Remind me what it was before?

Yes, if I had your previous username LOL

This is the BEST, isn’t it??? Liner In Training

:crossed_fingers:t3:the leg cooperates!!

Looking forward to following along! Safe travels!!


…aaaand our flight is already delayed before take off, 30 minutes and counting.

The morning was certainly interesting thanks to British Airways - we had a one letter spelling error in one of our reservations and we couldn’t check in online. I’ve called them about this during the week 3 times and they couldn’t correct it and told me to do it at the airport. Our check-in took over an HOUR, just to get this one letter corrected. Eventually, we ran as fast as we could to the very last corner of the airport to board the plane that is now sitting here :smirk:


Rough start = Epic trip


It’s still there - vndt :smile:


We are about to take off an hour late. This is why I was skeptical about my late night Epcot visit tonight but we’ll see.

There are babies crying, about 300 people coughing non stop. Ah air travel, how I love you so. But I’m just smiling that we made it!


Safe travels.
I hope you have seen all you are going to see in travel pains. :heart:

Have you gotten up to speed on BG1 for the G+?


To be honest, not enough. I thought about just going through the DW app but I will read into BG1 a bit more now. How foolproof is it?

Also, I’m keeping my eye on park reservations and if HS becomes available on our Day 4, I will switch Epcot to days 2 and 3 because we want to make sure we have the opportunity for GotG


Absolutely foolproof.


Ok. I was trying to find the video on how to installl. That’s the hardest part. The rest is intuitive and fast.


Oh hi Mike. I remember you from the countdown.
Looks like we have a lot in common: 2 kids similar age, family in Florida, short trips to Disney, leg/foot pain (long story, but I can relate) and overlapping trips!

I hope you have a great time!


Don’t forget you can $LL guardians, and for me it’s absolutely worth it. With a stay at poly, you may have access to a 6pm VQ if there are extra magic hours on your Epcot day(s). Don’t forget the 1pm VQ everyday, so if you miss the 7am, the 1pm is easier to grab.


Fingers crossed that your leg will cooperate! I am looking forward to following along


Nice! I love Poly and TP view should be epic.


Yea we will do that any way I think

For some reason I thought they sell fast but right now ILL is available for 5pm

(airplane wifi finally started working)


Flight was an hour late. We arrived at terminal C which looks brand new but there is no shuttle service to B where we need to pick up our rental. There is literally a tourist bus driving in between the terminals and about 200 people with luggage waiting

Taking an Uber from one terminal to the other


That’s ridiculous, but glad you’re finally there!

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No way! That’s crazy!

Oh man, that sucks. Glad you made it though!

Must be a hell of a long drive from terminal to terminal.

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