This can't be right -- no waits on May 22?

I recently renewed my subscription and started creating plans for a trip next May. Got through my first four park days with no problem and reasonable looking results. Then I created a plan for 5/22/16, hit Evaluate and got some reasonable times for some attractions and ZERO waits for a whole bunch. MK is listed as an 8 on the crowd calendar for this day, but no wait is shown for Under the Sea, Speedway, Dumbo, Barnstormer, Small World – all after 10 a.m. I’ve tried to reevaluate multiple times over the past week and still get the same result. I copied over one of the plans I made earlier and hit Evaluate and got reasonable results. I’m also getting the same kinds of results for 5/25, which is listed as a 5 at MK on the crowd calendar. Is there something wrong with the system that is causing these unreasonable results?

I would email them ( with your problem and the plan id, and they will take a look. They may have been loading times our adjusting something, but who knows.

Same thing is happening on my April TP on Magic Kingdom. I emailed them on 7/30 but it’s not fixed yet. To get me by for now, I selected a day in March with the same crowd level to give me estimated wait times.

I think they only go out about 6 months or so?

Not enough data yet. Its based on the wait times in the previous 12 months as well as same day from previous years. It only has 3/4 months of data now with 8 months of zero values . I believe at 6 months out it starts giving proper predictions.