This Brit Is Back!

I’m sorry, I’ll say that up front, as this post will be a RAMBLE. I’m not entirely sure what my train of thought here is, but after 18 months away (actually 40 months in real money) from WDW I am barely able to type without shaking. We’re coming home…the other home, the house of the Mouse.

After soooo long, it looks like we’ll be able to fly from the 1st November. Nothing confirmed, but that’s the likely date I’ve read from good sources and other little hints, bits and reading between the lines. Considering that my flight from Heathrow probably would have been cancelled in the next two weeks I am very, very relieved.

We’ve watched every vlogger under the sun in those 18 months and little will have escaped our attention, and I know that we’ll have all things Genie to worry about but I really don’t care! Just to be back again where I have always felt at my most happiest is enough.

There’s so many things in those 3 years, 4 months and 17 days will have changed - some good, some bad but many that will have not changed at all. Hearing American accents versus my southern England non-descript voice will be so good. Masks or no, I really, really do not mind at all.

It’s just exciting to be able to be excited about something. Good for the soul, y’know? I think I might actually cry when I get on that plane, probably when we land too. Will have to sniffle that tear away from my wife!

Anyway, I’ve missed you (yes, you!), but I’m coming home x


So you say 18 months a couple of times and then 40 months. I’m confused.

Glad you’re booked to go back. I still have 15 months to go, 2 years after what should have been a 21st birthday for youngest and 30th wedding anniversary celebration. 6 years in total. <sigh>

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18 months since we couldn’t fly and visit WDW, but 40 months since I was last at WDW. Sorry, I did say it was a ramble! I should really edit that, but then your reply would look wonky, so I’ll leave my shoddy mess as is!

We should have gone in May 2020, then it was September 2020 (how foolish to think this unholy mess would be over by then!), then May 2021 and finally November. <I’ll join you in that sigh>


Happy planning!!

(I’m only 100% jealous :roll_eyes::laughing:)


Most of the planning is done, I kept all the reservations and didn’t cancel anything. If Virgin Atlantic cancelled on us then I’d put everything in the damn bin and sulk massively…but that looks like it’s not going to happen. :grimacing:

The only things I have left to really plan are antigen tests (I think) and car parking at this end.

And now I’ve got butterflies just thinking about it all again. :joy: Your jealousy is very much allowed. :wink:


Got your ESTAs?

Where are you staying? Any dining booked? Anything special to celebrate?

Some of us need to live vicariously through other peoples trips. :grin:

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Aye, ESTAs still valid until February 2022 (but you KNOW I’ll be checking that again…and maybe again).

We’re sleeping with the enemy for 4 nights at Royal Pacific. (Step-daughter is a Potter fan and I’m a coaster-whore) then uber-ing to Caribbean Beach for 10 nights. I want to ride the Skyliner so, so badly.

Got a few ADR’s, but nothing fancy - Splitsville, Homecomin’, Mama Melrose, Tony’s, Sanaa.

The last reservation at Sanaa we’ll actually be sharing with my best friend! We had trips arranged for different times originally, but his and our plans managed to converge (magically, some may say), so we’re having a meal with him and his wife. Gotta try that sweet, sweet bread service.

Wouldn’t say it was originally a special trip, but it’s a kinda belated honeymoon of sorts - so I guess that falls into the “Happily Ever After” category. I’ll wear that pin for a cupcake no matter how bad it is :rofl: