This blew my mind

I had no idea the transition from HM to BTMRR had this back story.



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If they think that blew their mind, wait till they learn there’s no such word as “funnest”.

Then, he hit me with probably the funnest Disney fun fact known to mankind.


That seriously irked me too.

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Not to continue this derailment, but “payed” always gets me too.

Back on topic, I kinda suspected this, but always thought it was more a “fits better” coincidence than anything that intentional.

Like having adventure land blending into frontier land or Main Street area. It’d feel more jarring if transitioning to Tomorrowland.


Same. You know Disney does (did) things with purpose, but to see it laid out like a map across the country like that is wild.

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That “journey” was told to me on the Keys to the Kingdom tour. We didn’t walk all of it but we were told about it so we could check it out ourselves.

In Liberty Square if you look at the shutters on the windows you’ll notice some hang askew. That’s because during the War of Independence the iron “fixing bits” (yes, of course that is the official technical term :wink:) were needed for the war effort. Much like iron railings in the U.K. many years later.

Also you can see the transitions between the areas if you look at the paths.

And you should also check out the front and back of the buildings between Adventureland and Frontierland. Obviously they have different designs but the roofs are also styled differently and you cannot see that from either side - does that make sense? So the roof facing Adventureland cannot be seen from Frontierland and vice versa. Even though they’re the same building, also most (not sure if all) of them have access all the way through - to CMs not the public.

In Adventureland, as well as hidden Mickeys there are carved animals in the rocks, which was where the idea of the Tree of Life came from.

Also, at Epcot every one of the World Showcase nations has a unique style of lamp posts around the lagoon.


Very cool! I did not know that about the animals or lampposts either.