Third week of February

I just got a notification that crowd predictions for our trip the third week of February have jumped up dramatically! I get that Monday is Presidents’ Day but it’s the rest of the week that has suddenly increased. What’s going on? Does anyone know what might account for that six weeks out?!

Here is a blog post:

It is President’s week and the Princess Race weekend. I will be there that week with the rest of the New England school staff on school vacation! A good plan will make for a great week!

Yes, Massachusetts (and I think NY) is off school all week and I know several families going to WDW that week.

Yup, we’ll be joining you also! It was either this one or April vacation which is Easter week - no thanks!

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Thanks everybody! It’s not like we’re changing our trip - just curious and want to be mentally prepared!

I’m going the same week. Make good Touring plans and you’ll be fine. Learn the techniques to get extra FastPasses later in the day. Relax and have fun. It will be busy but if you do your homework here, you’ll be ahead of 95% of the people who are there.

It should be Rhose Island and Maine too?

Not all of RI… A bunch of towns in RI have been changing up the school calendar over the past few years. I have a friend who lives in MA but teaches in RI - and she’s now on a different school schedule than her kids…

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Yes and NH for example is the week after that, so not all of New England.

Lol, yes- NH is always one week after MA. Forgot Connecticut- they are the ones usually aligned with MA- not RI, right? NY for February but not always April.

^^^^that was a joke…l