Third part tickets

So I have a question regarding third party tickets just in case we need to move our trip, which is likely to happen. I have date based tickets I purchased from the Official Ticket Center and they are in MDE. I can’t change the dates in MDE. Does anyone know if I need to call Disney to change the dates if needed? It looks like from the OTC website that they do not make changes.

Edited to add: I do have fast passes scheduled if that makes a difference.

They will change automatically

Mine aren’t for March or April. They are for May. Do you mean they will change automatically with another booking or will change if they close in May?

If Disney doesn’t close, I think you will have to call Disney to get the dates changed. You will need to pay the difference at the same time I would expect.

I don’t have experience doing this, however.

If Disney closes for May, they will automatically become anytime tickets for whatever date range Disney says.

Yes, I knew about the extension if they close. I just can’t change my dates in MDE if I wanted to do it before then. I guess we will see what happens.

Yep that’s why I still haven’t moved my April trip. If Disney is closed my date specific trip that I bought at the old price will automatically become valid for an extended period. If I move them myself, I have to call and pay the difference.

They will change if disney is closed for those dates.

I have tickets for May that I purchased through Undercover Tourist. If they are linked in your MDE, you can simply go in and change the date of your tickets (I tried it myself in my own MDE). It will allow you to make the update, but you will pay the difference and lose any discount you had gained by buying it via a third party. My plan is simply to wait and see. If something happens they are still closed in May, I would suspect the tickets will automatically convert at no cost to you. I can’t speak for you, but my family and I plan to wait until the time comes, knowing that if nothing else, we can simply pay the difference via MDE to convert the ticket to a new date or to any “anytime” ticket.

That’s thing, it won’t let me change the date. I get an error on the app and on the website, the entire ticket calendar is gray. I plan on trying to wait until they possibly close, but if they do not and I have to change dates, it appears I cannot do it in the app or the website.

That’s interesting. I just double checked and it is still an option for me. I’m really sorry you aren’t having any luck. I’m sure you will have no trouble getting what you need by calling them, but I can understand why you wanted to try to handle it without having to sit on the phone all day. I will go ahead and give you this info as well just in case it helps. :slight_smile:

I have been accessing the ticket change via the website by going under “My Plans”, then clicking on “Tickets and Memory Maker” to switch from the Itinerary view. Along the left hand side I have a link that says “Change Ticket”. The steps are pretty straight forward from there. It gives me the option to change the date and shows the additional cost for each day in the calendar. There is also a selection at the bottom to just choose a no date option.

That is the steps I was following. I just did it again and now I can see the prices. There must have been some kind of glitch on my account for a couple of days. Weird. Thanks!

Great news!! Fingers crossed we won’t even need to worry about it and this is long behind us by May :slight_smile:

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