Third FP in a second park?

If I choose not to pre-schedule my third FP, after I finish my first two (say, in Epcot by 11 a.m.), can I then schedule my third (same-day) for a different park (say, grab a 3 pm in MK)? (I understand there may be practical reasons not to do this, but I’m wondering if MDE will allow me to.)

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Yes you can do that no problem. You could even schedule just one tier 1 in a park and then immediately book a tier 1 in a different park.


Are you asking if you can do this AHEAD OF TIME, or do you mean after you tap in for your second FP can you then schedule the next in a third park.

I think the answer differs depending on what you mean.

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I mean after I tap in to FP #2. Same day. Not ahead of time. Thanks.

Okay. Then @missoverexcited’s advice is valid. I just wanted to be sure in case you meant it the other way!


Yes, thank you!

Yep! In fact you could go one better.

Pre-book one.

Then once you tap in, then book a tier 1 in a second park and a tier 1 in a third park.

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I would think the travel time between parks would negate any advantage that might offer!

I was going to say that but it starts to get confusing! To me anyway.


Unless you manage to find FoP on a day when really you were planning to be at Epcot / DHS.

So you could get TT and TSM.

It was a change that came in sometime around the summer of 2016 I think. Kind of to encourage people to get park hoppers, by making it easier for people to still use FP+ but not be bound by the three FP rule (you used to have to book 3 before park hopping - if you prebooked). And it’s also why a lot of people still don’t realise you can do it, because they are remembering when FP+ first came in.

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@Nicky_S and @missoverexcited, I think there should be a special badge on the Forum for FP experts! I love your knowledge of the system and all the tips you share with us. I’ve learned so much!


Hold the phone! So you are saying I can prebook my 3rd FP in another park, subject to the Tier exceptions?

No. You can only prebook in one park, even if you only get 1 or 2.

His point was that you don’t HAVE to book 3 FP. You can just book one. Once you tap into that ONE, you can then book two more FP in two other parks.

ETA: I think. :slight_smile:


I am not knowledgeable at all compared to some but I’m glad to share what I do know!

Yes you’re right!

This still gets me every time I read it. So once I tap into my 1 precooked FP, I can book and hold 2 tier 1 FPP for different parks. Is that correct?



Indeed it was. Except I am not a him!!!


Aww, thank you. :blush: