Thinking of visiting - how many days

I am trying to talk my husband into DL. Regular to WDW, how many days to visit is good? Do we need park hoppers? Thanks!

I recommend park hopper tickets for at least 3 days for your first visit. You won’t be disappointed with 4 or 5 days but probably would get bored beyond that. 1-2 days is only recommend for DLR veterans or if your travel time is constrained.


I would recommend the 3-day with park hoppers. The parks are close enough that you can easily start in one and go to the other. I would probably do DL on day 1, DCA on day 2 with closing out DL and the highlights on day 3. Though we can easily do 5 days at the resort with pool time and the like.


Thank you both! 5 days at resort with 3 day hoppers sounds like the plan!

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If you end up wanting more days on your tickets, you just need to go to the ticket window before the park closes on the last day of your ticket (or any time after first use) to upgrade to a 4- or 5-day pass. Each additional day is dirt cheap practically so you may want to go ahead and get a 5-day pass from a discount dealer.


@chica62682 I’m also a WDW regular doing my first DLR this fall. I decided to arrive on Sunday and go to the parks Mon. - Fri. and depart on Saturday. According to my research and TP this is going to help me avoid a lot of the APs who come out on the weekends.

In my TPs that’s two days to for DCA, two days for DLR and a split day. Even though I’m only doing one day in my TP as a park hopper I got it for the whole week just in case.

One of the things I’m most excited about for this trip is how close everything is located. If am in DLR and get way ahead of my plan and see a short wait on the app for Soarin’ I can just walk on over – no buses / Skyliner / etc.….


Where are you staying? We also wanted to do a Sunday- Saturday

I’m staying at The Anaheim Hotel on Harbor Blvd. It’s looks to be a decent hotel and I’ve been assured by my TA and the hotel that my booking will be in a newly renovated room. (fingers crossed)

The rate was too good to pass up - 6 nights hotel (2 King Beds) / 5 days of tickets - including Park Hopper & MaxPass for $1679.28. (4th Night was free w/ “Good Neighbor” package)

I’m not a “resort person”. The room is just a place to put my bags & close my eyes while I’m in the parks all day. So this is definitely a “value” hotel.


May I ask what Travel agent you used?

Of course! Storybook Destinations - The trusted partner of Touring Plans & the Disney Dish Podcast. (I can hear Len’s voice in my head as I say it!)

I’ve never used a TA before, as I’ve been to WDW so many times I feel comfortable with the process. Since this my first time to DLR I thought I’d try it out since using a TA is always included in your Disney costs, even if you don’t use them.

I did book it pretty much the first couple days dates were open for that week. (Aug 2019) I’m sure booking 400+ days out got me a good rate too!


We did a trip to Disneyland in 2017 after multiple trips to WDW since 1986. We arrived on Sunday, 5 day PH used Monday through Friday, departed on Saturday. Until we were there, even with research, I was amazed at how close together everything is. We used our park hopper option every day. We would sometimes do both parks in the morning, take a break in the early afternoon, and then return to a park in the evening. Time to go through security was minimal.


I recently went for a Monday through Friday with park hoppers. Wasn’t planning on it with my TP’s, but we ended up in both parks every single day. We often started our day at DL, then got some Maxpass FP’s for CA later in the day. We like DL better, but found the rides our kids wanted to do multiple times were in CA…ended up in carsland all 5 days for instance. Plus I enjoyed getting a beer or frozen jack Daniels mid afternoon!

We did not get bored at all for 5 days, but younger kids slowed us down a bit. Whether you go 3, 4, or 5 days though, I highly recommend park hoppers regardless.