Thinking of Pizzafari? Go No More

Pizzafari stinks. Pretty straightforward-Waited 15 minutes for our meal, which got mixed up with other customers getting our meal. We were the second people in line too. We thought the food was the worst in all of Disneyworld. I’m pretty sure the animal manure could of been better than what they had. Skip it. Not worth the time. Our server Geena was all into herself.
TP gave a B rating, with 81% positive responses and even said their pizza is pretty unimpressive. I agree with the latter, completely disagree with the former.

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i’m a restaurantasaurus fan myself. sorry you had such a terrible experience.

Thanks. But its okay because there were many other places that really stuck out for us, such as Victoria and Alberts.

I have never tried it (I think I got a soda there once). I’m kind of a pizza snob, and VN and MM are the only two in WDW that I would recommend. That being said, I ate at Pizza Planet once when I was with a group, and I have to admit that it wasn’t terrible - I’d put it par with Pizza Hut (but the wait was horrendous).

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We are there on our trip last January. We were happy to be inside and thought the CMs working there were some of the best counter service CMs we interacted with the entire trip. I definitely wouldn’t compare it to Victoria and Albert’s though. But for a quick bite inside at an amusement park, it wasn’t too bad.