Thinking about Symphony in the Stars Dessert Party

I’m thinking about doing the Symphony in the Stars Dessert Party at HS on my upcoming trip this month, but I can’t find any recent (like in the last month) reviews. Has anyone done this party recently? Can you tell me what you thought about quality of food and drink, availability of tables to stand at, view of the fireworks? Thanks!!

Guess it’s not a popular party!

I guess you’re right. I was tracking your question, because I am interested in the answer too.

LOL! Well, I’m going to find out, because I went ahead and booked it for April 20. Don’t tell my DH, it’s a surprise. And definitely don’t tell him how much it cost!

I went in February. I have to say, I think it’s one of the best (if not THE best) dessert party offering out there. There are both savory and sweet snacks offered and quite a good volume. The frozen Nutella and the bread pudding are some of the highlights. Although many focus on the alcoholic offerings (which are very tasty!), there are PLENTY of non-alcoholic options too. Plus sundae bar and typical ice cream options.

Your position for the show and fireworks is perfect. You can’t really get closer.

It’s standing tables. No seating, but lots of kids sit on the ground. They’re kids. They can hack it.

Thanks DarthDopey! We’re not bringing our poor deprived children on this trip, and I’m splurging on this event to celebrate another successful year of marriage. :slight_smile: I think it will be perfect, especially since the drinks sound so yummy. I’m an umbrella drink kind of girl. One question - in case we don’t feel like standing for a full hour before the fireworks start (the reservation is for 8:15pm and the fireworks start at 9:15pm), are we required to get there at a particular time and still be allowed in? I know we want to have enough time to sample everything, but by the end of the day, we may not want to stand up for a full hour before they even start.

I totally get the standing thing. You can enter any time you like before the show. However, there are tables that may be partially obstructed by trees. So the earlier you get there, the better viewing table, you’ll get. Leaning on the tables helps.

When we went in Feb, it was the topper for some of us finishing the half marathon. The hour of standing wasn’t so bad even after that! :smile:

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This sounds like a great time. May rearrange my dinner reservations that day to do the Dessert Party. My daughter 16 and I are going on a girl trip leaving boys home… to celebrate my birthday early and her great job on SAT and PSAT (top in school). Just wondering is there something similar in other parks that you would recommend over this one.

I can’t really help you, because I’ve only done one other - the Wishes dessert party in Magic Kingdom, but it was about 10 years ago!