Thinking about switching hotels

We’re booked for May 30 - June 6 at the Wilderness Lodge (we’ve stayed there once before). I have been pondering a switch to either the Contemporary Resort or Yacht Club.

The main thing that’s got chewing on this is the ease of transport. We’ve got 3 park days at Magic Kingdom (walking distance from CR), and one each at Epcot and Hollywood Studios (walking distance from YC). Another consideration re. YC is that we’ve cancelled a planned day at Typhoon Lagoon, so Stormalong Bay at YC would make up for that a bit. An added bonus for CR is that I’ve wanted to stay there since childhood, and it would finally take it off the bucket-list.

The thing is, I don’t think of CR or YC as particularly cozy, while WL is very much so. DW and DD10 are late risers while I tend to get up quite early… nothing like grabbing a book, leaving the room, and finding one of the many fireplace nooks in WL to wait for the ladies to rise.

Help me out, Liners!

Mm. You’re right that CR is not cozy in that way, especially with a monorail going through it. But, if you’re in a Garden Wing, you’d be able to just go out to the pool area. Even if you’re in the main building, you could go onto your balcony. There are places to relax, but not that coziness you’re looking for.

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Are you staying over a month and only going to the parks for 5 days?

!!! That was supposed to be May 31 - June 6

Ok them my 2 cents is stay put. If it was a longer stay I would do a split stay.

Do you have hoppers? We just got from Boardwalk and loved that area. When I booked, I wondered if I was settling for a non monorail resort. If you’re already hopping, I’d recommend trying YC (or any in that area). So convenient for both EP and HS, we are a lot of dinners in EP, and still went to parks after. If that’s appealing/feasible

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I’m in the same boat. I can’t decide. The restaurants that we want to eat at are are more accessible if we stay at CR. That being said, I never looked into dining around the Epcot area because we were planning to stay at CR. This planning was fun until this conundrum :wink: The whole should we do a water park day or not and staying at BC or YC would make up for that if we didn’t.

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I’ve stayed at both WL and CR and I love them both for different reasons. Loved being within walking distance to MK from CR and no, not cozy, but very COOL hotel. We stayed there for our anniversary 2 years ago and the staff was incredible - a glass frame gift, balloons on arrival; 3 extra Fastpasses.

I must say that WL is still my fave though, and is less expensive than CR. I’ve also stayed at Boardwalk and liked that too for distance to Epcot and HS. It’s TOUGH

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