Thinking about MVMCP on 11/10 - pre-purchase?

I will be in Orlando at a conference on Nov 10, and am thinking about running over after the day’s business is done and visiting Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party by myself. I’ve never been before (although been to MK many times). Nov 10 is the second night of the event - should I pre-purchase the ticket, or is it timely to buy it at the TTC? I would prefer not to pre-purchase, since sometimes plans change at a business conference.

Being it’s only the second night, and still early in November, should I wait it out and try my luck purchasing tickets on site and trying to get into the park around 5pm?

Knoxville, TN
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TP has predicted Nov 10 as the least crowded MVMCP date, so you are probably OK with waiting to buy your ticket.

Thank you! Can you indeed buy the tickets at the TTC, or do they have to be purchased online?

You can purchase them on the day at the TTC. But it is worth noting that you can purchase them on-line and get the advance purchase discount up to 11:59 pm the day before.