Thinking about moving trip up to May from October - am I crazy?

I had originally planned to take the kiddos to WDW this October, but all of sudden circumstances are such that I could take them earlier, and it’s VERY tempting. I was thinking about May 9-15 and being there for the first Star Wars weekend day. (They are huge Star Wars fans) The main drawback of course is that getting good ADRs will be very difficult/not possible. And of course only having a few days to work everything out so I can make FP+ reservations right at 60 days.

So I thought I’d ask the experts before I decide one way or the other. :slight_smile: What do you all think?

Why not go ahead and check on ADRs now?

Overall, I think its a pretty good trade. you’ll lose Food and Wine, but still have Flower and Garden with food booths too. Might lose the hard ticket MNSSHP, but the admission included Star Wars weekends. Weather might be a few degrees warmer in May, but i don’t think its a huge difference. Early May still shouldn’t be too busy either.

Don’t let the ADR’s stop you. You’d be surprised what you can book the night before or day of as people cancel. There is no shortage of eats in Disney lol.

Sounds reasonable to me. There are MANY “good” ADRs that are not usually hard to get (althoughBOG and some of the CMs may be a bit tough). It’s “free” to make ADRs anytime within your 180 window, so see what you can get. But I would never let ADR availability dictate the dates of my trip.

I’d pick flower and garden over food and wine. Still loss of food booths, the topiaries are awesome, and the magic kingdom isn’t orange for Halloween

You’ll see adrs open up when people realize at the 46 day mark that their package isn’t gonna happen, so they’ll cancel before losing a deposit, and people cancel extra booked adrs the night before to avoid charges, so there is hope if you don’t see exactly what you want

Have to second @keithloveswaffles. F&G is beautiful, and I might be in the minority, but I like the MK much better when it’s NOT decorated for halloween (Christmas is a different story). May will probably also be a bit cooler, and not at the peak of hurricane season. Yes, there will have to be some quick “which park which day” planning - but I can usually get that done in an hour or two…

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If I had any concern, it would be resort availability. That would probably be my first step; can I stay where I want to stay on my given dates; that would be more of a “show-stopper” for me than ADRs…

Yay! Thanks everyone - it sounds like it actually is a good idea so I think I’m gonna go for it. I want to stay at Pop and when I looked earlier this morning there was availability. I think I’ll let the kids think we’re still going in October and surprise them.

I will plan to diligently check-in to try to get the exact ADRs I want (or close to it).

This is exciting!

Thanks all for your help!


I’m all booked AND got the three ADRs I’d been hoping to get when I was thinking of going in October. :slight_smile: I will be checking daily in hopes of a spot opening up for one of the Star Wars character dining meals.

My countdown jumped from about 250 days to 65 days - I’m super excited!!!