Think this will work?

We are going to stay at Beach Club Villas for a week at the end of February. There is one day I think I might be crazy to think could work. Here’s how it would go:
7:30 Drive to Boma for breakfast buffet.
9:00 Arrive at Animal Kingdom to ride Pandora rides, hopefully with FP for Avatar that I get 180 days out
10:45 Arrive at MK to visit some low-key spots (People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Sorcerers game…)

Think all those pieces could come together? How best to get around? Bus, car, uber?
Any opinions or suggestions welcome!

If you do not have a FoP FP I think you would need to be at AK by 8:00 to get into line for a 9:00 opening. You will not know that until 60 days out. I would drive to AK, do Pandora, drive to AKL and eat at Boma around 10:45. Then drive to TTC and monorail/ferry to MK (get a MK FO once you scan into anything you booked at AK or save FPs for MK).


Ditto - ride then eat. Then you can have FPs in MK set up too

Thanks for the suggestions! I am thinking about the day from a different angle now.