Things to keep kids busy in line

Wondering if anyone has brought iPads for their kids to use while waiting in line? Good/Bad idea?

No. Too breakable.

But ipods and phones, sure. Mine will use theirs for photos more than playing games, though.

Here’s one non- technological game I heard on my last trip. It’s like I spy but with Disney characters.

So " I’m thinking of a Disney character beginning with ‘J’ "

Or take it in turns to name a character with ‘P’, last one still naming them wins.

Many queues also have stuff to look at.


I had originally thought I needed this, but even the boring que’s, with a good touring plan was totally not needed. My son did use my phone to hunt for Pokémon, and I bought an Anker charger. I like the Disney game mentioned above, or like I’m going on a trip to Disney and I’m going to bring A, B, C etc

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We use iPods or iPhones. DS also likes to play Pokémon and while we mostly didn’t need it, it was handy the few times we were waiting in a line or for a show to start. Kept his mind off how hot it was!

We had a ton of fun with a hidden mickeys book and searching for them in line. It really helped pass the time.

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I carried around small toys and even bubbles to blow. We also did surveys of what everyone liked best and recorded that in our album.

My DS cannot be separated from his ipad. It’s in an Urban Armour Gear case, and it fits into the backpack purse thing I bring for the parks. Often, we won’t use it at all, but it’s nice to know it’s around.