Things to Do while waiting for family arrival

DW, adult DD and I arrive at 10 am and DS, DDIL and GD’s arrive at 1:30 PM. Staying at Poly. Thought would check out Poly, Lyft to POFQ for beignets/ lunch, then back to Poly for a drink at Trader Sam’s. Any other ideas for creative use of waiting time?

way more drinks at Trader Sam’s! Time will just fly by!


If I were waiting on folks to arrive at the Poly I’d take a boat launch to MK and then take the boat to either Wilderness Lodge or Fort Wilderness. Boats are free.
WL has an interesting store. Roaring Fork cs has been good. Very interesting lobby.

It’s not beignets tho . . .

I would think about doing a monorail crawl and drinks, appetizers, and dessert at Poly, GF, and Contemporary.


Makes sense.


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