Things to do once MNSSHP begins, but not going to it

So my family and I will be at MK on a day with MNSSHP, but we are not buying tickets to that. Trying to fully optimized the day and was curious about what we could and could not do once the event begins.

i know we can’t get the treats and go into attractions. no problem there.However, can I walk into a QS after normal park close, let’s say 6:01 pm and order a dinner? Then let’s say from 7:00 - 8:00 I want to shop on main street? Is that going to be okay, allowed?

It seems like it would because honestly, would Disney reject me giving them money? lol.

Seems like a great use of non-park time to do some “park” things.

Thoughts? anyone done this?

I’m almost positive that it isn’t allowed. I think they walk people to the exit once the party begins. Otherwise, people would hang out and watch the parade, fireworks, and buy the special snacks without a ticket.

Ok. Fair enough. But if i order/start my meal 5 minutes before park “closes”, then I can finish my meal post 'park close". Just maybe not get to shop all that much, if at all.

If you’re looking to extend your day at MK, you may get a few moments after ordering some food. But overall, you should plan to leave as close to the start of the party as possible.

There are resorts nearby if you don’t have hoppers and 3 other parks to enjoy if you do.

I think last year there was an hour between park closing and the party actually starting.

But party goers will be in the parks, starting to join lines and so on. You’ll be able to finish a meal, and ride if you’re in line by park closing. And shop on the way out, but they will prevent you from wandering “the wrong way” and also from buying any of the party merchandise without a wristband.

But by the time the party starts, they will have pretty much ushered people out who don’t have the party wristband.

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I’m going to the MK on a park day. I plan to leave the park and go eat dinner at the Poly and watch Hallowishes from the beach. It looks like there will be plenty of time to kill so maybe a lap on the monorail.

Thought I could jump on here instead of starting a new thread. I booked a 5:50 Be Our Guest on a party night. We aren’t going to the party. Will they stop me from sitting down at 5:50? Obviously we won’t be done until close to 7.