Things to do at park close?

Is there anything to do (besides shop) after evening show at park close? Say after 9 pm HEA or 8 pm F!. I think lines will be closed off, but what else? Will photopass photographers still be doing any shots?

Shopping and photo pass photos!


Have you checked out Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto over at the Poly? Might be fun after the MK closes

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Photopass photographers are definitely out long after official park close.

Photography (yours and photopass) is really your best bet on what to do other than shop or just relax and “be there” in the parks. Rides all shut down and there’s no shows or anything (other than the Kiss Goodnight in MK). You might be able to grab something to eat, like ice cream, but I don’t know if it’ll be a definite (table service restaurants will definitely be closed, but maybe quick service ones will still be open?).

If you’re driving, tour the hotels as @Sam2071 suggested . Otherwise… yyyyeah that’s pretty much it for the parks. It’s kinda annoying for night owls.

Now, at Disney Springs and Boardwalk, that keeps going for a while. I think there’s like dinner shows at DS up until 12AM (like at Raglan Road). And Boardwalk will have small entertainment throughout he night on the walkway itself (there was a magician when I was there last)


In the magic kingdom you can wait for the goodnight kiss


And at Epcot, you can wander around WS to avoid the stampede to the exit. Just head the longest way round from where you are.

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