Things to Do at Christmas?

I’m thinking about changing around my plans for Christmas Day and not go AK. We are staying at AKL - Jambo House. We were planning to go to Raglan Road on our last day, but I was thinking about doing that on Christmas Day, assuming that it’s open??? (Do some of the Disney Springs places close on Christmas Day?)

We thought a nice day around the resort would be great. Does anyone have any experience with Christmas activities at AKL or other resorts?

What are your thoughts?

I know there are beautiful tree displays at the resorts and some thing life a life sized gongerbread house.

Never been for Christmas so i will let others answer that. I have seen some of the reaorts in early december. Must tour resorts. I think wilderness was my favorite.

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We took a break on Christmas Eve in the afternoon. Staying at Bay Lake we hopped to Poly and GF. Listened to the band and pianist, watched Cinderella and the princess parade and dance, and did some last minute Christmas shopping. And of course the gingerbread house.

I think there were carols too, either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

At Contemporary on Christmas Day they have two religious services, one what I would term “non denominational” (Protestant) RC.

Christmas Day we were at Epcot so took a break to see the BC carousel and YC train.

Each resort’s tree is themed for the specific resort. WL and AKL are suitably impressive, but I loved the BC one.

We have been to WDW around thanksgiving day and everything in Disney springs was open. So I assume Christmas is the same.