Things not to miss during Christmas?


I was watching the “Decorating Disney” special (which was completely panned by my brother… but I’m finding it absolutely enthralling) and they made a mention to the ability to buy the “shingles” from the gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian. I am all about little things like that.

And so it got me thinking: what other little touches are there around the property that shouldn’t be missed during this time?


So many… Definitely check out the decorations at GF, WL, and AKL. Yes they sell “shingles” in the shop that is inside the gingerbread house. All the parks are beautiful, but take some extra time in WS; even many of the shops have themed trees. Most places that sell sweets have “special” holiday treats; I probably could have gone into cookie coma… Also, many of the area music loops have Christmas editions, so keep your ears open as well.


Is the Christmas Village in the lobby of the YC on your list?


Uhhhh it is now! :slight_smile:


I love the trees but that display with all of he details and the train are just magical to me.


How about the Christmas Tree Trail in Disney Springs?


Adding now, see, I wasn’t even aware this kinda stuff existed! :smile: