Things kids say

A few minutes after putting DS4 to bed last night, he appeared in our living room. I asked him “what’s up buddy?”. His response was “when are we ever going on rides again?”. “What do you mean?” I asked? “At Disney World”. I know buddy, I know…

Now, we last went in Feb of 2019 when DS4 was several months short of turning 2. So he has no real memories of this trip other than from photos and us talking about it, although based on some of the things he’s come out with, I feel like he must have some vague impressions of that trip in his memory…

Which makes me more excited to plan for our Feb '22 trip, which neither he nor DS11 know about yet. :smiley::european_castle:


Yay! What great news!

It is! Booked a full week for Presidents week. Longer trip than the last two, hoping to build in a little more downtime from the parks…


I always go into each trip, whether it’s 3 days or 8 days, with just that intention. It has yet to actually happen. lol! maybe my next trip I’ll take some downtime, away from the parks…it’s just so darn hard to do! :rofl:


Same! This past trip was 9 days long and I for sure thought we would have more downtime but… nope! There’s always next time!

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I and my wife took our grandson on a promised trip to WDW 2 years ago. While walking toward Future World, he whispers to me. Grandpa! did you notice all the Eye Candy. We then knew our grandson was growing up. :roll_eyes BTW he fell in love with the pricesses but mainly our Norwegian waitress at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.


My kid, through tears, a week after returning from WDW: “Our house isn’t FUN like Disney. Why can’t we move all the furniture around to make it more fun?!?” (Wails for 15 more minutes)


DD6 recently said “I’m sad that it’s been so long since we went to Disney World.” I said “Me too, me too. We will go two times next year.”


Fair point. Did you give it a try???


I didn’t, but our dining room chairs mysteriously keep moving about as far as a 5 year old can push them :joy:


My nearly 6 yo last month realized at summer camp, that she can do the monkey bars. We went to the park so she could show me and just before she started, she said “Sivako! Rise to the challenge.”


I just had a major flashback to last summer and your little guy trying to pack a rug for your surprise trip! How is that little guy? Is he four now?


Good memory! He’s doing great. Turned 4 three months ago and got better at packing (read: less hilarious) with each pandemic Disney trip we took. As of our May trip, he had reached 44” and now states randomly and frequently: “Mommy, you know at Disney World?..I loooovvve Expedition Everest! I’m not scared of that scary monster trying to grab me.”


Are you kidding? Every time I pack to go anywhere, I look at my rug and think, “Should I bring it?” :rofl:

I am decades older (ahem! won’t say how many) than your little guy and the scary monster trying to grab me still freaks me out. I refuse to sit on the right side seat on EE!


Somewhere Chapek is taking notes.
“move your chairs at TS $ any onsite Deluxe and DVC only $$$!”


This is one of my favorite things ever - what kids say.

One trip provided two oft recalled sayings.

At breakfast at Wilderness Lodge, Governor Ratcliff became annoyed with our then 6 yo grandson. The Governor dragged our grandson’s chair - with him in it grinning the whole time - outside, and then locked the door. A server came over immediately, admonishing the Governor, to unlock the door and assist in bringing the chair back in. That evening our grandson’s response to the question of best ride - when the Governor moved his chair. Despite having spent most of the day at MK.

Second oft recalled saying was on our River Country day, when our grandson settled onto his lounge chair, saying, there’s nothing like a day at the beach. To which the only response is, and this is nothing like a day at the beach.