Things I learned this impromptu trip

Many may know all of these but even though I have been to WDW many times, I always learn something new.

  1. You definitely don’t need luggage tags for DME. They take your claim ticket and take care of getting the luggage to your room. Might take longer but good service

  2. DME will gladly let you ride a bus to another resort other than your own such as when you have lunch/dinner reservations. Very helpful not to waste time or money on a Minnie Van to go to your home resort first and the hop. Saved us probably an hour.

  3. DAH at Animal Kingdom is super nice. Low crowds and could ride anything with little to no waiting. FoP has maybe a 15 minute wait at worst.

  4. Expedition Everest at night is a completely different coaster than in the day or dusk. Complete blackness a lot of the time makes for a much more intense ride. Loved it.

  5. Narcoosie’s is a great place for dinner with a prime spot to watch the Fireworks. I have always been partial to CG or even Ohana’s for the views. But Narcoosies was very nice.

  6. People mover probably needs to be renamed People Staller or maybe Stopper. Seems to break down so much and today it crashed. Crazy.

  7. Cheeseburger spring rolls outside Adventureland at the cart are stupid good. Always heard it. Never tried until today.

  8. Haunted mansion soundtrack gets pretty old if you get stuck for a bit. I got stuck with a 4 and 7yo. I wonder how scary HM would be if they piped in the music from iasw?

  9. This newer Rivers of Light show is better than the old. But still can’t figure out why they can’t get the video to show up better in the water spraying. Just not very good technology it seems.

  10. Not sure what to put for a top 10. I’ll think on this one.


They had those cheeseburger egg rolls at our After Fireworks Party. I ate too many to count and we took a lot back to our room too. They even gave us cups for the dipping sauce. :blush:

Totally agree about EE - it’s great during the day but even more amazing at night.


Agree about the People Mover. The only ride we’ve been evacuated off of twice. And last week as we were getting off there was a little bump with the cars. Most wouldn’t notice it but I have balance issues and my cousin had to grab me to keep from falling over as it happened when we were exiting so I was standing. Never had that happen before.

DS calls it the People Stopper.

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Not in my experience. They have been adamant that I had to take the bus I was assigned every time so far. I would say it’s likely based on the CM.

I’m glad you were able to do it though. I think they should allow it for those busses that never fill up.


You can take food back from these?

I’m so sad about the People Mover. :disappointed_relieved: I think it’s nearing the end of its useful life. Never did get a chance to ride on it when we were there in May- it’s my go-to ride while the family is on Space Mountain and I love it, especially at night.

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Nah, it’s just having a couple of bad days. When I was there last, the only time it was down was when people were slow to get on or off.

Probably just needs a bit of maintenance.

Edit: also, the reports of the “crash” sound pretty exaggerated. Sorcerer radio says it “slammed” but going from stationary to not suddenly or vice versa, even at slow speeds, will feel pretty violent.

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I can confirm the People Mover is having problems recently. It was down on one of our MK days in January. The second day we were able to get on, but were stuck for 10 min in the Buzz area.

I share this with everyone and get strange looks like that cannot really be good. Oh but they are!

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There’s a philosophical puzzle called the Ship of Theseus that asks- if you replace every single part of a ship, is it really the same ship? I think we’re there with the People Mover.


I wasn’t able to in mid-February. My six year old was literally asleep on the table. I asked for a box just to take what was already on our plates back to the room, and was told “no”. The CM said that if they did it for me, they would have to do it for everyone:(

Makes sense, I wouldn’t have thought so to be honest. I’m sure people have packed some up in their own zip lock bags before, but to pack up guests with their extras seems like disaster for them.

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Definitely from the After Party. We came prepared with a container and plastic bags but also were given some large paper cups. We waited until it was winding down and a lot of people had left.

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In case of People Mover and Speedway, some technical modernization would probably not hurt.