TheYarbroughFam's Universal Studios Report 8/25/22

After spending 3 days in the parks at Walt Disney World it was time for our day in Universal Studios. This was our first trip to Universal and it did not disappoint. We spent the majority of our time in Islands of
Adventure. What better way to start off a day in Universal than being launched out of a Gamma Ray tube by the Incredible Hulk? I can’t think of a better start to the day! From there we made our way around the park to Jurassic World and onto the Velocicoaster to be chased by Velociraptors. From there we went looking for something for my mom to ride. We found Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey but we wanted to ride it first to make sure it wasn’t too bad. The ride was fun, but we were not expecting what we got and all of us left that one a bit on the uneasy side. Nothing a cold frozen Butterbeer couldn’t fix though. After a short break we went and rode Jurassic Park River Adventure. Luckily no one got soaked. From there we grabbed a bite to eat then on mom’s insistence we headed back to Velocicoaster for one more spin. Awesome Awesome coaster. Then it was off to Kong another fun ride that mom enjoyed. After bumping into Captain America and Cyclops it was off to Spider Man, followed by Dr. Doom’s Death Drop. We finished our time in Islands of Adventure with another Gamma Ray exposure and toss from the Hulk. From here we hopped on Hogwarts Express and Headed over to Universal. We spent a little time in Diagon’s Alley enjoying the scenery and of course another frozen Butterbeer. I had no idea before this trip that such a thing existed. Dole whip may now come in a close second. OMG…did I mention how good the frozen Butterbeer is? By the time we got done there we were all about beat and the stormclouds were starting to form. We tried to ride MIB but it was down so we decided to call it a trip. The only thing we really missed was Hagrid’s Motorbike and it was down most of the day. When it finally came online the wait was insane. There is still a lot that we didn’t do but the goals of this trip to Universal were the roller coasters and those goals were definitely met.

One more time for the Butterbeer!!! :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:


Nice pics!
Glad you had a great time.

That sounds like a fun day!

I was surprised how much I like Butterbeer, too. The hot was delicious as well as the frozen.

So glad you enjoyed it! There’s so much more you didn’t even have time for! Hopefully, you’ll be back soon! (try the hot butterbeer!!)

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Sounds like a great day!!

We will definitely return for a couple days in the future.


Amazing pictures :star_struck: Thanks for sharing!

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