TheYarbroughFam's 2018 Disney Trip Day 1!

Our Disney trip began this year with a 4 day 3 night Disney cruise to Nassau and Castaway Cay. We went with some family and friends and had a really good time. My 11yo and I ran the 5K at Castaway Cay and we spent the rest of the day snorkeling in the lagoon and playing on the water slide. We got off the boat Monday morning about 9:00 and headed to Orlando.

Our first day was in Hollywood Studios where we had FP+ for RNR, ToT, and SDD. We also had a late lunch at 50’s Prime Time Café. We were staying at Pop Century this trip so we stopped by and got all checked in and had our magic bands activated. Except they couldn’t find our reservation. That was the first sign. I could see it in MDE but they couldn’t see it on their side. Luckily I had the number and they were able to find it that way. OK, all good now! Off to the park.

We get to the park and go through security and to the turnstiles and the light turns…blue. Hmm…try again. No dice! They tell me they can’t see any tickets linked to my account. I show them the MDE app that shows 4, 4 day park hoppers and a MNSSHP ticket. Away to Guest Services we go. This takes up about the next 45 minutes. Again, they cannot see our tickets on one side but can on the other. They have to contact POP and let the IT dept at the hotel fix it. They end up giving us cards to use for the day and link up all our fastpasses and give us an extra FP+ for our trouble. No harm no foul. I was even able to modify my initial FP for RNR while waiting in line and all was good. Lesson learned, do NOT book your cruise and your Disneyworld vacation together through the cruise line. It was never anything but a hassle. Didn’t save any money and just made it aggravating.

Finally in the park we head to RNR and ride it using our first FP+. After swiping our cards, I immediately modify ToT to be ready to go as soon as we’re off RnR! By the time we’re done with ToT our FP+ we have about an hour before our SDD FP is up. TSM wait say 25 min. That should work out just fine! Turns out to be a little closer for SDD than I’d like, but it all worked out in the end. Now on to our SDD FP! We were unsure how we would like it after riding RNR. Turns out, everybody loved it! From there it was time for lunch at 50’s Prime Time Café. Food was really good and the atmosphere was great! We really enjoyed it. From there we rode ToT and RnR a couple more times (all on FP+) called it a day about 5:30.

Back to the resort then to MK for HEA. On the way back to POP I grabbed a Space Mountain FP so that was our intro ride to MK this year! From there it was BTMR and Splash (x2). By then it was getting close to time for HEA. Sent in a mobile order to Casey’s and found a spot to watch the show. After the show we hit BTMR one more time then called it a day!

Not a bad first day in the park! Was able to secure somewhere between 10 - 12 FP+ between the parks for the day. Next up on Day 2, breakfast at 1900 PF and MNSSHP!!

more pictures from Day 1 Soon!


Great pics - looking forward to hearing more!

Awesome, especially love the pirate pic !!! :smiley:

I’d be interested to know what you think of doing cruise first, then park. We’re taking our first-ever cruise in November after our first-ever trip to the parks, primarily because the cruise seemed like the more relaxing of the options.

If you had to do it over, would you change the sequence?

If I had it to do over I would have done the cruise after. It would have been a nice way to wind down and finish our trip.

We did one day (2 nights) at WDW, going to MK, before a 4 night cruise during March Break 2016. We purposely chose that order because we thought the cruise would be more relaxing. It was a great way to spend our vacation!