These parks are packed!

So I used to make my plans, I do love the product but this year it seems off. At Animal kingdom now which was scheduled as a 1 and literally everything is a 50 minute wait, heck even it’s tough to be a bug is saying 40 minutes. Am I reading something wrong?? We arrived at 9, which was an hour after park opening


Are you looking at Disney wait times or TP predicted wait times bc they will almost always be less than what Disney has posted.

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I think this is a 1


Those are Disney’s posted wait times at 12:30pm


Something to consider since you didn’t get there at park open - if you plan on riding Flight of Passage wait until near the end of the day. If the Standby time says 20 minutes it’s pretty much a walk on because literally walking through the queue takes several minutes. I basically walked on when the sign said standby was 20 minutes.


Anytime FOP is 60 mins or less, I’d say that’s a 1. Dinosaur down, so that’s not helping things. Hopefully they open Nemo before they close Everest. The park needs something to absorb those people.


Lol. Thanks guys. I don’t know why but for some reason I thought a “1” meant wait times or 20 minutes or less.
All good, we’re having a great time