These are my plans.... right now

Those would be on different days. One would be for the Millinium Falcon ride, the other would be in place of Rise of the Resistance.

Lumiere greatly overrates the grey stuff.

Maybe so, but it’s the cheapest thing on the menu and we just want to get in early so we can get an early start.

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We’re going two weeks before you and I am hoping the same thing!! Surely they’re going to want to get it open before Thanksgiving… right? (My fingers are crossed for us.)

Edited to add: Mostly what I’m hoping is that Rise of the Resistance is open… if there are FPs I’ll be thrilled, but I’m not banking on it.


LOL…our week is between both of you (16-23)

Jim Hill (originally put Len…sorry) has stated in his podcast that Florida wants to be the “good ones” and have Rise open in time for August 29th…we’ll see.