There may have been a development

I’m hearing rumours — like from, you know, Reuters — that the travel ban between the UK and the US might be about to be lifted.

On the basis of “strike while the iron’s hot” — who knows what’s going to happen in 2021 — I’m seriously thinking of taking a last minute trip to WDW if that becomes possible.

I’m looking at the second week in January as an option. It would be a semi-budget trip. I reckon I can get four full days for under $2,000 total.

If Trump lets me in, I’m going all-in on MAGA, Four More Years, and Trump 2024.


Do you think there will be a small window to travel or that it will stay open?

Why?!?! The numbers in the US are horrible and ICUs near capacity in many (most?) areas!

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The UK has been lobbying for this and it was recommended to the Trump admin by the dept. of homeland security. They say it will happen Tuesday by executive order. I would find it hard to believe if the next administration reverses this decision quickly.

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At this point the travel bans are pretty pointless anyhow. Not sure why they have continued as long as they have. This would be good news for the airlines, and the economy in general.


Things are changing so quickly. I have three (!) Disney trips booked next year: April (DLP), July (DLP) and August (WDW). I have no confidence that any of them will take place. The virus has mutated to a more virulent strain. The UK prime minister said three days ago “have a happy Christmas”, then today he’s “cancelled” Christmas.

If a window opens, I feel like I want to take it. This is what I did when I took my trip to DLP in the summer and I don’t regret that decision one bit. It was a great trip. Now DLP is closed again. And from 1st January, UK citizens will find it even harder to enter France, even assuming DLP reopens as scheduled.

Because I think that people are not getting COVID because they’re going to theme parks. I think they’re getting COVID because they’re going to crowded places and not being careful. There’s a lot of in-home transmission, as I understand it.


Will you please post some pictures if you go? I hope you do!


Of course I will!

It’s exciting to think about. But stressful also. So many unknowns. And the rug could be pulled from under me at any point.

I didn’t believe my summer DLP trip was actually happening until I landed in Paris.


I wasn’t commenting on a potential Disney trip for you specifically, but the timing of lifting the restriction. Especially given the belief that London may have a more virulent strain spreading right now.

But then I remembered that nothing this administration does makes any sense.

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Which administration? This one?


I say go for it. You won’t be the only ones in the UK itching to go, so you want to be ahead of the pack on reservations.

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So what happened next is all on you. Enabler.

I booked the trip. Flights and hotel. I got great rates and flight timings and whatnot, so it’s kinda a perfect trip.

You know, if it happens.

I’m hoping it will. I’m expecting it won’t.

But you’ve got to make hay while the sun shines, right?

Don’t worry. It’s all refundable / changeable.


I hope you get to go!!!

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