There has been a Development (aka a Change of Plan)

I love to see all the local stuff at different Costco.

It’s a wholesale place here, so you need a card to get in. But they do amazing light, fluffy cakes with soft squishy icing. :heart:


Or gas stations in the panhandle…(from our last road trip to WDW in Oct on the way home)

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Oh yes, FloBama where white pointy hoods are still worn

How can you combine those flags…they were enemies!!! It makes no sense. We posted this photo on the google review of this gas station and my daughter held it as even she was scared. Please don’t take your friends here! This is not the America we want to show off.

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Technically, you need a paid membership to go in. But one can usually get a guest pass for the day should one be interested in browsing. Buying will cost 10% more without membership. In the past, the free samples alone would make the trip more appealing. But COVID has made free samples a distant memory!:cry:

We have a membership so we enjoy bringing home regional favorites in our suitcases from Costco as part of our souvenirs and/or gifts. :wink:

Not sure we have the same item. Sounds delicious. Love desserts.

You don’t need a membership for the pharmacy so just say you’re going for that. ;-).

I know because my dog has dilated cardiomyopathy and her meds are sooooooooo much cheaper there I get them there but I don’t have a membership.

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Wonderful! I have cancelled 3 planned trips and now have late April one. I have three seniors with me who have never been to any Disney. The thrill of them seeing things for the first time is exciting for me too. I just hope the experience is good then. If not, I might see you in August!