[Theory] Price of Galactic Starcrusier going down in the future

I have this theory that all the die-hard, rich, Star Wars fans are going to book a stay in/on the Galactic Starcruiser within the first 3-6 months (maybe 12). Then, bookings will slow down drastically because everyone that was willing and able to drop that much money on 2 nights will have already done it.
So at that point Disney will be forced to either drop that rack rate or start offering heavy discounts to fill it up. Right?
There has to be a point at which if they aren’t getting enough bookings they have to drop the price or shut it down. Right?


I agree mostly. However I think it may take a bit longer. Maybe in 2 years you will get a discount as an add-on to a vacation package or maybe a discount on park tix for booking the cruise. I definitely think their will be a lot of discounts offered but I don’t think the official rack rate will drop for at least 4 years or so. Doing it too soon would be like admitting failure…


I tend to agree. Also, considering that there are only about 100 rooms, it will take quite some time before they burn through those willing to pay.

I think something that will be telling I the laymen’s reports on what they think, rather than just the biased Disney influencers. If those reports come back in a month or two just as positive, I expect demand will continue for some time. If demand falls due to less than great reviews, Disney might need to do something to fill the rooms. Because truth is they really need to fill almost every room to keep up the quality of the experience for each cruise.


I agree, but probably at least a few years out. Unless they change the story line to get repeat visitors. I honestly still don’t understand why Disney is not utilizing the Mandolorian in the parks.


I cannot envision it being sustainable if left exactly like it is. Unless they come up with additional stories for play acting, it will eventually dry up.

We have already been hearing rumors that they are shifting the model and allowing day guests aboard because they did not have enough people to help push the story forward.

I can see a price drop/discount as a temporary way to bring in additional people, but that won’t last.

What will it look like in the future? I am not sure.

It may become just a heavily themed hotel that has priority access to Star Wars land at Hollywood studios. The play acting will be dropped and there will be resort activities (lightsaber training, large screen video gaming) and heavy food coloring meals. Even the video gaming aspect on the bridge may disappear and just be visual theming like the flight training stuff in Mission to mars at EPCOT.

I really hope they have a plan to keep it fresh.


Really? Hadn’t heard this. Not sure how they can judge this so early.

I forget where, but I also heard about a model of allowing non-guests to tour during the day hours while most of the “passengers” were out perusing Batuu. I’m assuming it was speculation. Not sure how Disney would not only already be considering this but let that consideration leak out so soon.

Len & Jim talked about it on the Disney Dish podcast.

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Yeah, that sounds right.

I see the place being turned into basically just a themed hotel. I don’t see them being willing to provide the full immersive experience at a much lower price point.


Therein lies the rub. If it is just a themed hotel, I’m not interested. But the price tag for the immersive experience is too high.

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I don’t think rack rates go down, especially in this inflationary environment, but no hotel is immune to supply/demand dynamics, so promotions could occur based on lack of demand. There are lots of potential reasons for low demand, but my 2 cents is the Starcruiser, despite being a very different hotel experience, needs to fill rooms like any other hotel. I think the real question here is how popular is it so far and will customers come back for a new experience (assuming Disney refreshes experience)?

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Discounts will fill the hotel as it’ll draw in the curious. How long is anyone’s guess, but I would say at least a year or two. 40% off can be quite attractive to many. It won’t take a lot of creativity (which is the level of creativity Disney seems to be operating at with this) to get this hotel to limp along for years. It likely won’t ever be the “hot ticket” item they were banking on, but I think the chances this is out and out shuttered is real slim.

Personally, I would also think the Day Pass idea isn’t going to happen because that would require alternating the story to accommodate those who don’t know what’s going on or are vested in the outcome – but then again, Disney might not care at all.

Disney will unlikely refresh the experience anytime soon, either. This doesn’t seem to be a very repeatable experience and Ol’ Chappy has made it clear he was not interested in that anyway. He wanted you to show up, spend a ton of money, and doesn’t care if you return. D’amaro and the rest of the Guest Experience management seems to be happily marching along in that philosophy.

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One thing I found interesting is it is considered a hotel, so you can bring your own alcohol. I read this on a blog post about people drinking outside of Epcot. This has nothing to do with this conversation but thought I would throw this out there. Can you just wander around with you brought drinks?

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Having watched several videos on this now, the consensus seems to be the opposite. There are far too many scenarios and choices available right now, making the experience unique across multiple visits very likely.


Unless there’s a different outcome at the end, there’s 2 at best. Small minigames and nuanced briefings do not make something worth repeating at this price point.

If you can directly change the outcome of the story, then maybe. But as it is right now, you’re saying most people will be willing to spend $6,000 multiple times to see the same story play out with minor, ultimately insignificant, changes? I have my doubts.

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I was going to say the same exact thing.

Though I also tend to agree with @Randall1028’s contemplation about whether or not it would be worth the same price for simply selecting a different story path.


It would be so much more interesting if you could influence the outcome. From what we have seen so far, there is ultimately only one outcome for the cruise…the Resistance will prevail.

Having the ability to sabotage the goals of the crew members and help the First Order shutdown the rebel scum would be an interesting twist.


Considering how many people are willing to pay for a Disney Cruise, I’m skeptical they will run out of willing participants soon given that limited number of rooms. But I’m really hoping they do start offering discounts or at the very least, keep the price static for a few years.


another in a long line of missed opportunities with this thing. :slightly_frowning_face: coulda had a ship-wide, hogwarts style, competition going. Buuuuuut nope.