Theme Park Ticket or MNSSHP Ticket

Good Day All! Interesting question here: I have purchased my ticket for MNSSHP on the day we where initially planning on going the whole day using a park ticket. FYI - this ticket was purchased years ago when WDW still sold No Expiration tickets. We are wondering, if we choose to not use our Park ticket but enter MK at 4:00 pm when those with tickets to MNSSHP can enter, is it possible for us to utilize Genie + and ILL for those hours before the party officially starts? BTW, we already have park reservations for that day too? If this is possible, since we will have used 3 of our remaining 4 days on our No Expiration tickets, will that 4th day still be valid for a future use? Thanks for insight!

I think people will have to test

Maybe? I think FPP worked? Most likely the same IT rules apply?

Any other thoughts on this?

I can confirm that it is indeed possible to book and use LL at MK for the 4-6 time frame when entering for MNSSHP. We attended the party last night and didn’t arrive until around 5:15, but I was able to book and use LL for both Splash and BTMRR between 5:00 and 6:00. We did have a park reservation for Epcot which we attended in the morning, but we did not have a park hopper ticket.

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I saw reports about this yesterday but this only allows LLs When you have made an APR at another park? (Acts as a hopper)

Interesting, did you need any of those MK LLs? I followed the first party and there were no MK drops since there were so few guests in the park.

I assume having the apr at Epcot is what allowed me to be able to book the LL’s. Between 5 and 6 when we used them for Splash and BTMRR, I felt they were definitely worth having as the wait times there were at least 30 minutes and it was still quite hot and muggy out so with the un- airconditioned queues, it would have been unpleasant to do standby.

So glad to see you share here too. I had seen your post on chat. At least you can confirm that if someone has purchased G+ then they can book LL at MK after 4 when party tickets are valid. I do hope someone will test trying to purchase Genie+ with only having a party ticket for the day.

We had a park APR for MK & Genie+ on August 12 as well as tickets for MNSSHP.

Touring MK that morning and early afternoon was glorious. We headed back to BLT to rest around 1, and I monitored Genie+. It allowed us to book LLs until 6. (And I did that remotely fir my brother and niece who stayed in the park.)

Promptly at 6, (regular park closing time,) no LLs were available.

I’d do this again in a heartbeat. Low wait times and plentiful Genie+ on a party day.

Someone on chat only had a party ticket and could not purchase Genie+.


Thanks for the report!

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